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Use simple ingredients in the kitchen to clean various items at home, including the toilet.

  8 April 2024 11:00 - The squat toilet is a type of toilet that is generally used by most Indonesians. It has a lower shape than a sitting toilet, forcing users to squat when using the toilet. For some people, the squatting position can actually improve digestion and reduce the risk of constipation.

Even so, squat toilets also get dirty easily. Especially on the footrests which are usually covered in black crust. If you don't clean it immediately, the stain will build up and harden, making it more difficult to clean.

Knowing this, a number of people immediately scrubbed all parts of the toilet using a bleach solution. After rubbing for a while, the blackish crust on the toilet seemed to fade by itself. Just rinse the toilet with clean water.

But there's no need to worry if the stock of bleach is running out at home, because there are other cleaning agents that can be used to clean black crust in the toilet. The method was demonstrated by YouTube user Mitra alinafa. At the beginning of the video, this netizen shows the appearance of his squat toilet which looks dirty.

toilet clean toothpaste and soap  2024

photo: YouTube/Mitra alinafa

Tricks for cleaning black crust in the toilet.

To clean it, this netizen seems to rely on toothpaste. But for maximum cleanliness, he also added one kitchen ingredient, namely dishwashing soap, as a mixture. Add a little water, then stir until all the ingredients are completely mixed.

toilet clean toothpaste and soap  2024

photo: YouTube/Mitra alinafa

Once done, pour the cleaning solution over the entire surface of the squat toilet. Then rub the squat toilet using sandpaper. Do it slowly and thoroughly, OK?

Just rub it for a moment, the black crust will appear to fade. "But make sure that the sandpaper doesn't hurt the lining of the squat toilet," he said, quoted by BrilioFood from YouTube Mitra alinafa on Monday (8/4).

toilet clean toothpaste and soap  2024

photo: YouTube/Mitra alinafa

Once all parts of the squat toilet look clean, flush with clean water. Rinse the toilet until it is completely clean, free from all limescale and remaining cleaning solution. As a result, the toilet looks shiny again.

toilet clean toothpaste and soap  2024

photo: YouTube/Mitra alinafa

Easy way to deal with clogged toilet drains.

Here are some easy ways to deal with clogged toilet drains:

1. Use simple equipment.

You can try using a simple tool such as a plunger to try to free the blockage in the toilet drain. Make sure you use a pry lever that matches the size of the toilet hole.

2. Mix hot water and soap.

Mix hot water with a little dishwashing soap into the toilet hole. Let the mixture work for a few moments to soften the blockage before trying to dislodge it again.

3. Use cleaning solution.

There are many special cleaning products available on the market to help loosen blockages in toilet drains. Follow the instructions for use listed on the packaging correctly.

4. Use the glide cable.

If the blockage is too hard or difficult to reach, you can try using a toilet snake cable. Insert the cable into the toilet hole and twist it slowly to try to push the clog out.

5. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

Mix baking soda with vinegar in the toilet bowl. Let this mixture react for a few moments before you try to disassemble it again. The reaction between baking soda and vinegar can help soften the clog.

Make sure to use personal protection such as rubber gloves when carrying out the cleaning process to avoid direct contact with toilet waste and the cleaning chemicals used. If you are unsure or uncomfortable doing the cleaning process yourself, it is better to call a professional to help.

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