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  5 April 2024 01:00 - Tablecloths are an important element in table decoration in the living room or kitchen. Even though it is simple, tablecloths play a significant role in creating a clean, neat and attractive appearance. Tablecloths also protect the table surface from stains and scratches.

So, so that the tablecloth always looks fresh and adds to the beauty of the room, of course this item must always be kept clean. However, it cannot be denied that various kinds of stains can fall on the tablecloth and make it dirty. This often happens with tablecloths placed on the kitchen table.

Usually various kinds of stains from cooking often stain the tablecloth. One of the stubborn stains is turmeric stains. If food contains turmeric, the stain will usually appear yellow and be very difficult to remove. Apart from yellow stains, mold is also often a problem that makes tablecloths dirty.

Then to clean these stains, you need to use special ingredients such as baking soda mixed with vinegar and hot water. Not only these ingredients, there are other kitchen ingredients that can also remove yellow stains and mold on tablecloths, you know.

Tricks to remove turmeric and mold stains from tablecloths.

This kitchen ingredient was shared by YouTube user Bunda ipi through one of the uploaded videos. Reported by BrilioFood on Thursday (4/4), the kitchen ingredient in question is dishwashing soap. So, apart from dishwashing soap, he also uses other ingredients such as citrus and bleach.

Tricks to remove turmeric and mold stains from tablecloths  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Mother Ipi

The first thing to do is apply bleach to the stained part of the tablecloth. While it's being applied, rub the stain using an old toothbrush. At this stage, make sure the tablecloth is still dry.

After that, boil the water until it boils. Then pour it into the bucket. Add citrus and bleach. Only then put the tablecloth in the bucket. If so, add enough dishwashing soap. Stir until evenly mixed.

Tricks to remove turmeric and mold stains from tablecloths  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Mother Ipi

Next, soak this tablecloth for 30 minutes. If you feel there are still stubborn stains after soaking, you can scrub them again with a brush that has been treated with bleach. Do this process until all the turmeric and fungus stains are completely gone.

Tricks to remove turmeric and mold stains from tablecloths  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Mother Ipi

When it's clean, rinse the tablecloth. Then wash as usual with detergent, checking occasionally. Finally, rinse thoroughly and dry in the sun. That way, the tablecloth looks cleaner and the colors are brighter.

Tricks to remove turmeric and mold stains from tablecloths  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Mother Ipi

Having been watched more than 9,000 times, this video about tricks for removing turmeric and mold stains from tablecloths has immediately attracted the attention of netizens. Looking at the comments column, many other YouTube users admitted that they had just found out about this trick. This then made a number of netizens interested in trying the tricks shared by YouTube user Bunda ipi.

"Thanks for the tips, bro, cleaning the stains on the tablecloth... so it's clean again, bro," said YouTube @zakiyaababil.

"It's very useful, Mom, usually it's stained with turmeric and sometimes also chili," said YouTube @bimasakti016.

"Thank you, mother.. The tutorial is okay.. So you know the knowledge," said YouTube @nanarahmanachannel9299.

"Thanks mom for your tips, just look and clean the tablecloth, yee," explained YouTube @mamahacid.

"Wow, I just found out, bro, thanks for the tips, it looks like new again," said YouTube @tripujiayu2602.

Tips for keeping tablecloths clean and stain-free.

Tablecloths are often things that get dirty easily. Here are some tips for keeping tablecloths clean and stain-free:

1. Use a table protector.

Use a table protector or food mat when eating to prevent stains from falling directly onto the tablecloth.

2. Clean the stain immediately.

Immediately clean any stains that occur with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid rubbing too hard so as not to damage the tablecloth fibers.

3. Wash tablecloths regularly.

Wash tablecloths regularly according to the care instructions on the label. Use a mild detergent and cold or warm water.

4. Use a stain remover.

For stains that are difficult to remove, use a special stain remover that suits the type of material on your tablecloth. Always test the cleaner on a small area of the tablecloth first.

5. Avoid using bleach.

Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals that can damage the color or fiber of the tablecloth.

6. Dry the tablecloth properly.

After washing, dry the tablecloth in the correct manner according to the care instructions to prevent damage and ensure it dries evenly.

7. Store tablecloths properly.

Store the tablecloth in a dry place and protected from dust to keep it clean and durable.

8. Use a liquid barrier.

Use a liquid barrier or additional protection over the tablecloth to protect it from liquid spills.

9. Avoid using high heat.

Avoid ironing tablecloths at too high a temperature to prevent damage to the fibers or protective layer.

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