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If you just use plain water, it won't work. You need the right method and materials to eradicate this fungus.

  8 April 2024 19:00 - Clean car windows definitely help keep your vision clear while driving. If it's dirty, it's best to wash it first before using the car. However, sometimes there are stains on the car window that are very stubborn and make the glass blurry.

Stubborn stains on car windows that cannot be removed when washed are usually caused by fungus. You need a special way to clean mold stains on car windows, one of which is using alcohol. On the other hand, there are also those who use potato pieces to rub on car windows .

These two methods are believed to be effective in removing stubborn mold stains on car windows, you know. However, unlike netizens on the Doa Dari Desa YouTube account, this man claims to have a trick that is no less effective for removing mold stains on car windows. One of the ingredients for practicing this trick is obtained from the kitchen, you know.

Tricks to remove mold stains from car windows.

The first thing that must be prepared is a small container or bowl for mixing the cleaning agent. Put quite a lot of vinegar into the container. Yup, vinegar is the main kitchen ingredient for practicing this trick to remove mold stains from car windows.

Then, mix the vinegar with a little dab soap, then stir until smooth. Apart from that, you also need a sponge or cloth to help with the process of cleaning the car window later.

"Use a cloth with a slightly rough surface. This time I used used carpet cloth," said the owner of the Doa Dari Desa YouTube account, quoted by BrilioFood on Monday (8/4).

Without rubbing potato pieces, this is a trick to remove mold stains  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Prayers From the Village

Once the cleaning mixture is ready, immediately dip the cloth into it. Immediately rub the cloth on the area of the car window that has mold stains. The owner of the YouTube account Doa Dari Desa explained, rub the cloth in a circular motion so that the stain is removed quickly.

When it has been rubbed evenly, rinse the car window by slowly pouring clean water. Guaranteed, car windows that were originally blurry due to mold will become shiny again after cleaning them with this trick. Finally, just dry the car window with a clean cloth.

Without rubbing potato pieces, this is a trick to remove mold stains  YouTube

photo: YouTube/Prayers From the Village

How about it, this trick is really simple to remove mold stains from car windows, isn't it? Taking a peek at the YouTube upload of Prayers from the Village, apart from receiving lots of enthusiastic comments from netizens, there are also more than 49 thousand viewers for this video, you know.

How to make your car smell good with kitchen ingredients.

There are several ways you can try to make your car smell nice using kitchen ingredients. Here are some options you might consider.

1. Orange or lemon slices.

Cut a few slices of orange or lemon and place them inside the car, especially in the center console or near the air vents. These fruits provide a pleasant fresh aroma.

2. Simmer pots.

Make a mixture of ingredients such as lemon wedges, cinnamon, or other spices in a small saucepan with water. Heat the mixture to a boil on the stove and let the aromatic steam fill the car. Make sure to turn off the stove before leaving the car.

3. Baking soda.

Place the baking soda in a small bowl in the car. Baking soda can absorb unwanted odors and provide a fresh aroma. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to baking soda to give it a stronger aroma.

4. Coffee.

Roasted coffee beans have a strong aroma and can be used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the car. Place the roasted coffee beans in a cloth bag or sock, then place it under a chair or in a safe place in the car.

5. Cloves.

Cloves have a strong and long-lasting aroma. You can place several cloves in a cloth bag and tie it tightly. Place the bag in the car to provide a refreshing aroma.

Make sure to choose materials that will not damage the car interior or cause allergic reactions in car users. Always test the safety and comfort of these materials before using them regularly in the car.

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