The South Jakarta coffee shop is for those who like their coffee strong and their life healthy.

Krystal Buckle   05 July 2017 11:15

Equipped with a ‘ride’ through coffee window, a new cycling café in Senopati, South Jakarta is already making tracks.

One of four businesses currently occupying the newly opened Crumble Crew space, Cyclo Coffee and Apparel is not just a café. Sure, their coffee and pastries are a highlight, but the creative space also functions as a shop for fashionable cycling attire.

“We sell cycling apparel for the fashion conscious cyclist, ” said Israndi Pasopati, Operations Manager of Cyclo. Take your pick from a range of patterned socks, lycra and books dissecting the ‘anatomy’ of cycling.

London café “Look Mum No Hands!” served as inspiration for the team behind Cyclo, who hope to create a stronger cycling culture in the city. “We’re a community,” says Israndi. “We sell serious parts for the not-so-serious cyclist.”

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (6-8pm & 10-12pm), free community cycling sessions are held. Starting from the café, cyclists ride around the city and finish with a steaming cup of coffee.

With an average of 80-100 people joining the night rides, Cyclo has created a platform for this growing community of cycling enthusiasts.



Sourcing their beans from farmers in Aceh, the café believes strongly in supporting local coffee.

“Indonesia has a lot of good, authentic coffee,” Israndi said. “The beans from Aceh usually just have the name of the farmer, there’s no brand name.”

This month, the cafe will be live screening the Tour de France cycling competition from 5 p.m. every night. Projected onto the back wall, enthusiasts can enjoy a discounted cup of coffee and dessert while watching the events unfold.


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