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Frosting is the new embroidery.

Retno Wulandari   13 March 2017 18:00

The word 'cookie' is one of the few things that never fails to bring a smile to our face as it reminds us to so many happy memories, from the blue hairy monster in Sesame's Street to grandma's signature choco-chip cookies from our childhood.

While typical chocochip cookies are usually enough to make most people happy, some bakers take their cookie-making skills to a whole different level by making pretty cookies you won't have the heart to eat.

In case you want to try and make a batch of pretty cookies, we have some videos you can use as inspiration. Check them out!

1. Pastry chef Mezesmanna made these beautiful Hungarian embroidery cookies like a maestro.

2. Another Hungarian embroidery by the same chef, this time on a gingerbread.

3. This time it’s not an embroidery. She hand-painted her cookie instead!

4. Cookie artist Amber Spiegel has her own style of decorating sugar cookies.

5. Another amazing work by Amber: a cookie bouquet!

6. This one will make you think of holiday.

7. These hand-painted cookies are also amazing.

8. Have you ever heard of Ramen Cookies? 

9. Check out this honey bee cookies. Too cute to eat!

10. These cookies are so beautiful they can replace wedding cakes!

11. Last but not least, these cute animal cookies will surely delight the little ones!

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