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Suffering from those mid-month blues just two weeks before pay day? Here's where to go for affordable good food.

Rizky Mandasari   31 October 2016 12:00

Brilio.net - Jakarta is famous for its culinary delights, and they're not all concentrated in the city's glitzy malls. Here are places serving delicious dishes that'll blow your mind, even when you're broke AF. 

1. Nasi goreng kambing, Kebon Sirih

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Affordable and with a little bit of that middle eastern goodness, this place has been a crowd favorite for decades. A plate of goat meat fried rice costs around Rp35,000. A little on the up side for street food, but totally worth it.

2. Ayam Malaya & Gohiong, Jalan Lombok

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Ayam Malaya is a deep-fried chicken fillet dish served with a special sweet and salty sauce, while gohiong is usually made of fried chicken and shrimp, served with a more sour sauce. A plate of this costs under Rpsauce. A plate of this food costs around Rp30,000.

3. Nasi Goreng Gila, Menteng

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Aside from being perfect for those on a tight budget this plate of fired rice with a mix of meatball slices, chicken, egg, and veggies is delicious. The perfect meal after a late night out with friends, we'd say. Bring Rp. 15,000 with you and you're good.

4. Gulai Tikungan, Blok M

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Here's a local version of the world-famous beef goulash, served with cow parts such as organs and sinews in santan (coconut milk-based soup) on top of rice. Have it with crackers for a perfect finish. Famous around the Blok M area in South Jakarta, this dish costs just Rp10,000.

5. Bubur Ayam Barito

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This chicken porridge tastes excellent with its soft but not too watery texture. What makes it more special is the topping of cakwe and cheese sticks, giving it a crispy twist at only Rp15,000.

6. Warung Nagih, Mampang Prapatan

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At this place, you'd better come early if you don't want to get on a waiting list. Toast, roasted banana, fries, instant noodles, and all the comfort food you can think of, costs just between Rp6,500 to Rp 20,500. 


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