The beauty blogger behind ‘Working With Monolids' shares her take on make up in women’s daily lives.

Adelia Anjani Putri   01 March 2017 20:00

Like many Indonesian girls, Francesca is blessed with monolids —or ‘small eyes’, if you like— yet she manages to don pretty eye looks.

“It’s harder for girls with monolids, I think mostly because there are less tutorials out there. Back in the 90s, when I was getting into make up, I remember hoping every month for Seventeen magazine to give me monolid look (examples), but there was almost no girl with monolids,” she said to me on Monday. “Every time I watch a tutorial, the first step is ‘apply the eyeshadow to the crease’, I was like, what crease?”

“A lot of people don’t know how monolid works, some stuff get hidden so I have to find some tricks to make it work.”

Now that she has found ways to make eye make up work on her, she shares her daily looks and tutorial on her Instagram account and Youtube channel —from party look to bold eyeshadow she wears to work.

“My boss knows about my crazy eye makeup and my co-workers find it funny,” she laughed. “I can show you videos of their reactions every time I come with weird make up.”

'Do whatever makes you happy'

Wearing make up hasn’t always been an easy issue for Francesca as people have different expectations when it comes to women and make up.

For example, in Singapore, where she lived for more than 11 years, she encountered many people saying that women should not put too much make up on.

Later, when she came back to Indonesia, people said that women should not pluck or shape their eyebrows because ‘only bad girls shape their eyebrows’.

“But then I thought, do whatever makes you happy. If you don’t want to wear make up, it’s okay, you don’t have to wear make up. Sometimes I go to events here and the brand says, ‘Girls, you need to go at least with your eyebrow done’. I looked at them and think 'I don’t wanna buy your product anymore' because if I want to go with hairy fuzzy brows, it should be okay."

“Dont shame anybody for doing a lot of make up, but don’t shame anyone for not wearing make up too, because it should be a choice. Nobody judges boys for not wearing make up, so we shouldn’t be judged. Also, don’t judge boys for wearing make up, some of them are better than women at doing make up and thats really cool!”

Besides shaming others for wearing and not wearing make up, Franscesca has one more pet peeves when it comes to beauty —criticizing other’s physical features.

Growing up with people telling her to glue her eyelids or wear tapes to create double lids, she has a message for those who loves to give unneeded advices on others’ appearance.

“That’s inappropriate. It’s like I’m saying (to someone) ‘you know, blue eyes look good on you, can you wear blue contact lenses?’,” she said.

“It’s a racial feature. There’s nothing wrong with having no double eyelid. It’s okay. Single eyelid is okay.”

Francesca ended our session that night with some words of wisdom: don't give in to pressure to change your appearance.

"Don’t feel the need to change your eyes. I know there’s a lot of pressure to get double eyelid, to put tape and glue. There’s really nothing wrong with monolids and you can do so many pretty make up looks with them. Hey, I didn’t get surgery, but I still managed to be a beauty blogger I guess. So, be okay with your eyes. It’s fine."




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