Think you know your sate? In Bali, there's more to the dish than just meat and peanut sauce.

Victoria Tunggono   26 October 2016 08:32

Preparing for a trip to Bali this weekend? No time spent on the holiday island is complete without an exploration of its culinary richess. Today, we give you a round up of some of the best places to enjoy sate, a local delicacy popular almost anywhere in Indonesia, but with a Balinese twist. 

1. Sate Babi


This is probably the most popular type of sate in Bali, one people can easily find by the streets. For this dish, the meat is marinated in Balinese spices and priked on thin bamboo sticks before being served with salt and chili. The best pork sate can be found at the Patih Jelantik parking area in Legian and by the fork of Batu Bolong and Batu Mejan streets in Canggu.


2. Sate Plecing


Sate plecing is a version of the regular sate served elsewhere in Indonesia, but served with meatball soup and a spicy red sauce called plecing. Go to Jalan Arjuna in Denpasar to find Sate Arjuna, which serves a delicious plate of sate plecing and is always packed with customers. Avoid going during lunchtime to get away from te crowd.


3. Sate Tuna

What's a beach destination without a fish-based version of the popular barbecue dish? Warung Mertasari around the Klungkung serves legendary plates of tuna sate, with options of steamed tuna, sate lilit tuna, sate tusuk tuna, tuna soup, plecing kangkung (kale with plecing sauce), and roasted peanuts. Find the place in Jalan Kresna, not too far from the Goa Lawah temple.


4. Sate Asam Celeng

Fancy big chunks of pork belly meat on sticks with a side of veggies instead of rice? Enter sate lawar. The best place to find this dish would be at Lawar Bali Kartika along bypass Ngurah Rai in the Padang Galak area. Make sure to ask for a portion of specifically sate tusuk so as not to have them confuse your order with sate lilit.


5. Sate Kakul

If you want to try Balinese escargot, find sate kakul. The snails are marinated with super spicy herbs before they prick it on the sticks, so beware of your spice tolerance. For this dish, the sate is served with a side of banana leaves soup called jukut ares. We especially love the on found at Warung Sate Kakul on Jalan Raya Tebongkan on the way to Ubud, Gianyar. 



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