Because there is so much more than just nasi goreng.

Aprilia Nurohmah   07 January 2017 12:46

Indonesians love their rice. The country is home to an astounding variation of rice dishes it can be hard for those with an adventurous palate to keep track. We go beyond the already famous nasi goreng and sum up some of the other delicious rice treats you have to try.

1. Nasi Gandul

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This dish comes from Pati, Central Java, and is served with tempeh, beef tongue, beef intestines, and other side dishes. It's a lot, but, hey, the more the merrier!

2. Nasi Balap

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This dish originates in Lombok. It is basically white rice served with spicy shredded chicken, dried potatoes, omelette and fried soybeans.

3. Tumpeng

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A permanent guest in most of Indonesian parties, Tumpeng is turmeric rice shaped like a mountain and served with shredded chicken, dried tempe, sliced boiled eggs, and other side dishes.

4. Nasi Jaha

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This Halmahera specialty is made of glutinous rice and coconut milk. The rice is typically enjoyed with shrip, fish, or other local delicacies.

5. Sego Megono

This humble food comes from Pekalongan, Central Java and is served with finely chopped young jackfruit cooked using urap seasoning, sambal tauco, and tempeh.

6. Sega Jamblang

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This dish originates in Cirebon, West Java and is served on teak leaves with fried sambal, beef lung, meat, fish stew, tempe, and salted fish.

7. Nasi Grombyang

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A favorite from Pemalang, Central Java, this dish consists of spicy meat soup and rice served in a bowl. 

8. Sega Lengko

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Sega Lengko is similar to Sega Jamblang, but what makes them different is that people pour spicy rujak seasoning on it and add diced tofu and tempeh.

9. Nasi Boranan

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If you have a chance to visit Lamongan in East Java, don't miss out on this dish. Nasi Boranan is rice served with spicy milkfish, beans, and gimbal poho.

10. Nasi Gegok

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Though it doesn't seem much, Nasi Gegok becomes Trenggalek's specialty for a reason. The rice is steamed inside banana leaves, making it fragrant and soft. It is usually served with ancovy sambal.  


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