Idul Adha, or Eid al-Adha, is approaching.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   28 August 2016 13:28 - Indonesian people love to eat goat meat and never more than on Idul Adha, the Islamic holy day that falls on September 12 this year. 

On Idul Adha, goats are slaughtered and cooked up into a huge variety of dishes around the country and everyone has their own theories about its effects!  

Here are some prominent myths and curious facts about goat meat. 


1. Goat meat causes hypertension. 

MYTH: There are no scientific studies to back this up. Consuming too much protein (of any type) can lead to this. 


2. It boosts virility. 

FACT: Testosterone is a hormone in men that drives their aggressive and sexual urges. Meat is high in protein, so when consumed in certain amounts, it may increase the production of testosterone. 


3. The smell depends on how it was cut. 

FACT: The meat from a goat killed while stressed doesn't smell as nice. They have to be treated nicely before having their throat cleanly cut.


4. Healthier than beef

FACT: Goat meat contains more unsaturated fatty acids than beef. Saturated fat content (which tends to increase blood cholesterol) in goat meat is 8.5 times lower than beef. 


5. Eating goat meat along with durian can be bad for your health. 

FACT: Durian contains high levels of fat and if consumed by someone with heart problems it can make them worse. However, it brings no negative effect when eaten by a healthy person. 


6. Bad for pregnant women. 

MYTH: It is safe for pregnant mothers unless they suffer a hypertension or acute gastritis.


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