The moment Desta let slip immediately drew praise from netizens

  10 Juli 2024 18:25 - There used to be a stir in the news about presenter Desta Mahendra regarding his household. Without any news about the breakdown in his household, Desta sued his wife, Natasha Rizky, for divorce.

The husband and wife officially divorced on Monday 10 July 2023. Even though they have been separated for a year, the two of them still maintain a good relationship, including looking after their three children.

In one moment, Desta and Natasha Rizki even took the time to go on holiday with their children after divorcing. This is certainly a good thing considering that couples who have separated rarely still look harmonious.

Desta's dream is to refer to various sources

photo: Instagram/@desta80s

Because of this closeness, the two of them are often asked by netizens to reconcile. In fact, Desta herself often gets these requests, even in a joking tone from her fellow celebrity friends.

Ultimately, the desire to rebuild the household ark came to Desta's mind. The man whose full name is Deddy Mahendra Desta accidentally stated that he wanted to reconcile in Vindes' YouTube content. At that time, he was chatting with Ariel Noah as a guest star.

Desta's dream is to refer to various sources

photo: Instagram/@desta80s

In her conversation with Ariel Noah, Desta talked about her current dreams. However, when he spoke, he was quick to say that reconciliation was one of the things he wanted to achieve. Even though he tried to cover up his meaning by using the word 'for example', Ariel still understood what Desta meant.

"If you ask me, for example, what my dreams are for the future, for example," said Desta.

Hearing this, Ariel then wanted to investigate it further. He even said that Desta had conveyed this wish before.

"Oh, like what you said yesterday?" said Ariel.

However, Desta's expression then changed, she seemed silent when she heard Ariel's words. Thus, Ariel immediately clarified that he was joking. Desta herself admitted that she had never said anything like that.

"I didn't say that," said Desta while hitting Ariel.

Desta's dream is to refer to various sources

photo: YouTube/@vindes

This unspoken moment immediately attracted the attention of netizens. The video then spread on various social media. Apart from that, quite a few netizens have given support to Desta to make his dream come true.

" Come on, Desta's father, fight for Natasha Rizki's mother again for the strong trio ," said the account @nastyaramadhani.

" I won't be able to find a replacement who surpasses Caca. MasyaAllah, such a perfect girl, I'm just amazed by her ," wrote the account @zennaira78.

" I really support it. God willing, you will reconcile, Amen, Amen, Ya Allah ," said the account @yuni_ariyanti7880.

Apart from supporting it, there were also those who criticized Desta's attitude. The reason is, Desta was the one who sued Natasha Rizky for divorce.

" I want to reconcile if he doesn't change, poor Natasha, " said @scarlettmarshallbright

" What else do you want to look for? Des... it's your turn to be separated before you realize it ," explained @hafsahhusein_

"Besides being too cereee, it's hard to move on because you're an angel, you're gone," commented the account @jenna.khairum.