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Desta admits that she spends more time outside, rather than going home early to avoid feeling lonely.

  21 Mei 2024 14:25 - The household ark built by Desta and Natasha Rizki had to end up in court, after Desta filed a divorce petition at the South Jakarta Religious Court. Even though he officially separated from Natasha on June 19 2023, Desta admitted that he often cried because he was lonely.

This fact was revealed when Tora Sudiro played at Desta's residence recently. Initially, Desta showed Tora that he still had a photo of his ex-wife displayed in his room. He said he couldn't get rid of the photo because it meant a lot to him.

Desta admits that she is often lonely at home  various sources

Desta admits that she is often lonely at home

"The photos are still complete. I can't (lose them). All the photos are still there," said Desta to Tora Sudiro, quoted from the Official Predictions YouTube channel, Tuesday (21/5).

At that moment, Desta also expressed her confusion after separating from Natasha Rizki. Even though he was the one who filed for divorce, it cannot be denied that the separation devastated him. He even often cried alone in his room when he remembered the good times of having a complete family.

"But I never faced it with true sadness. But, just cry," he explained.

In order to avoid feeling lonely, Desta chooses to spend a lot of time outside. So, when he gets home he goes straight to his room and sleeps because he is tired from the various activities he is doing, without needing to think about his loneliness.

Desta admits that she is often lonely in her own home  various sources

Desta admits that she is often lonely at home
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"This is every day when I come home alone. That's why I sometimes like to go out so that when I come home I'm tired and just sleep," said Desta.

Hearing Desta's statement, Tora said that Gading Marten also used this method after his divorce from Gisel several years ago. However, Desta emphasized that he was afraid to be sad in his own home, unlike Gading Marten, who often played because he was afraid of demons in his own home.

"Ivory is like that because he's afraid of demons in his house," said Tora.

"It's different. I'm afraid of being sad," said Desta.

"Is that really sad?" Tora asked.

"Yes," answered Desta.