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Natasha Rizky was so surprised by her son's enthusiasm. Who would have thought, a year old child would already have such big desires.

  15 Mei 2024 13:40 - The families of Natasha Rizky and Desta Mahendra are still often in the spotlight of netizens. The reason is, their relationship looks good after the divorce in order to care for their three children. Their family content is always interesting to watch, such as recently Desta and Natasha Rizky's second child who expressed his desire to go on Umrah with his family.

In Trio Strong Family's YouTube content, Natasha Rizky asks what her daughter is feeling at school. Apparently, Miskha confided that she often felt sad. While at school, Miskha often imagined himself undergoing the Umrah pilgrimage as a family.

Natasha Rizki's second child wants to perform Umrah  2024

Natasha Rizki's second child wants to go on Umrah
YouTube/Trio Strong Family

"Sometimes I feel sad. Because Miskha wants to go on Umrah as a family. I like to think about going on Umrah," he said, quoted by on Wednesday (15/5).

Natasha Rizky, who did not expect her baby's answer, looked shocked. The artist who is familiarly called Caca was quite surprised by Miskha's answer.

"Why do you suddenly think of wanting to perform Umrah?" he asked.

Miskha revealed that the family often goes on holiday together abroad. However, they never underwent the Umrah pilgrimage together. Apart from that, the 8 year old child wanted to see the Kaaba up close.

"Because I want to, I want to see the Kaaba," he said.

Desta's ex-wife then asked what prayer Miskha wanted to say when given the opportunity to perform Umrah. Miskha's answer apparently touched Natasha. He wants mom and dad to be together again.

Natasha Rizki's second child wants to perform Umrah  2024

Natasha Rizki's second child wants to go on Umrah

"Father wants to pray again. Mother and father are united again. Miskha prays that the family will go to heaven," said Miskha.

"Masha Allah," responded Caca.

Miskha's words in YouTube content uploaded on Tuesday (14/5) with the title Trio Strong Deep Talk Episode Miskha received various comments from netizens. They admitted that they were touched by Miskha's desire to perform Umrah. Not a few prayed that Miskha's wish would come true.

"I want mom and dad to be together again! Amen," said @damn2589.

"I wanted to cry when Miska said he wanted to go on Umrah," said @kimkim-rs3rv.

"When I heard Miskha say that her father wanted to pray again, I immediately cried... May Allah SWT grant Miskha's prayer... Amen," said @@ronyalfarizy.

"Desta and Caca were moved when they didn't see the child, we, who are nothing, cried too, hopefully Miskha's prayers will be answered, amen," said @@EniHartati-ui6fm.

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