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Looking serious when asked about reconciliation, netizens also supported Desta to get back with Natasha Rizki.

  23 Mei 2024 15:45 - Natasha Rizki and Desta Mahendra officially divorced in June 2023. After divorcing, the two of them still remained on good terms as partners and of course parents to their children. Even though they no longer have the status of husband and wife, Desta and Natasha Rizki still try to be good parents.

The marriage ended after 10 years. Because this celebrity couple's divorce was not due to a third party or domestic violence. However, there are differences in vision and mission in the household which makes Desta and Aca quarrel to the point of separating from bed.

Nevertheless, quite a few netizens are praying for Desta and Natasha Rizki to reconcile. In fact, their children also want their parents to get back together. Desta also allegedly wanted to reconcile after discussing reconciliation and divorce matters with Habib Ja'far on the Vindes YouTube channel on Thursday (23/5).

"Speaking of reconciliation, we are netizens, if I tell you a lot of people tell us to reconcile, right? Is it okay, bib, to reconcile after the divorce certificate is issued? It depends on the divorce, right, bib?" he asked, quoted by on Thursday (23/5).

Desta Mahendra asks for divorce reconciliation  2024

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Habib Ja'far explains the case of triple talaq. If you have had triple divorce, then the ex-wife must remarry before finally returning to her ex-husband.

"If he's still in love with his old partner, but he's had three divorces and then he'll come back. OK, I'll get married first, but is that formality okay, bib?" Desta asked further.

However, Habib Ja'far does not recommend marriage as just a formality. According to him, marriage must be based on sincerity of love.

"It's better not, so it's better if he marries someone sincerely because the basics of marriage should be sincerity of love, not a game," explained the 35 year old Habib.

Furthermore, he explained the difference between triple talaq and first and second talaq. If you want to reconcile after talaq 1 and 2 before the iddah period is over, then the couple only needs to reconcile verbally or in action. Thus, the couple does not need to remarry.

"Only if you want to reconcile before the iddah period ends, then just reconcile. That's why according to the ulama, reconciliation can be done with words, it can be with words that are not direct, it can also be through relationships, " explained Habib Ja'far further.

Desta Mahendra asks for divorce reconciliation  2024

photo: Instagram/@desta80s

Furthermore, he explained the role of the court when Desta felt confused about the divorce certificate that had been issued.

"The court does not marry or divorce people. The court only records marriages and divorces. That's why if the marriage book is lost, it's not a remarriage. But make another book, so the record is lost, not the marriage is lost," he added.

The podcast received various comments from netizens. They prayed for Desta to reconcile with Natasha Rizki because she saw that she was serious when consulting Habib Ja'far.

" Mr Desta started asking about reconciliation, I hope it's a real reconciliation, " said @baguzzz18.

" Hey, those who want to reconcile danggg... I've started consuls. I'm the most enthusiastic amen ," said @mernifadillahakbar5537.

" Hopefully we can reconcile, " said @Lilik-me3vj.