It's difficult to move on because they depend on each other

  9 April 2024 21:45 - The lives of Desta and Natasha Rizky are still in the spotlight even though the two of them officially divorced on June 19 2023. Even though they are no longer together, the relationship between ex-husband and wife is still good.

In fact, several times Desta and Natasha Rizky were seen enjoying holidays together with their three children. Desta and Natasha Rizky still show mutual support even though they are together, for example when the father of three plays tennis. Many netizens responded with salute to this action.

Recently the two of them also met again on the VINDES YouTube podcast. In the broadcast hosted by Desta herself and Vincent, Natasha Rizky talked about her life after divorcing Desta.

This woman, who is familiarly called Aca, expressed her current feelings of happiness, but she also admitted that she could not lie if in fact her struggle was quite difficult. Especially when trying to move on.

"For me to be able to move on, that doesn't mean I have to find something new, but move on from the past," said Natasha Rizky, quoted by from YouTube Vindes, Tuesday (9/4).

Now, the two of them are living separately after almost a year of divorce. Natasha Rizky lives with her daughter, while Desta lives alone.

Accustomed to living with Desta, Natasha Rizki apparently felt that there was a struggle she had to go through in taking care of housework. He admitted that in the past this mother of three children used to be accompanied by Desta in completing small tasks.

podcat Natasha and Desta  2024

photo: Instagram/@desta80s; YouTube/Vindes

"I was like I was going to prepare my passport, the lights went out, like that, I was a little bit 'buy the lights are off, buy my passport has run out, buy my visa, buy it's leaking' basically everything is buy, buy, buy like that," he said. Natasha Rizky.

Natasha Rizky even cried when she told this story in front of Desta and Vincent. However, he also admitted that this was a lesson for him not to easily depend on other people.

"And now that I'm separated, I'm with the kids, so I feel like I can't be like that anymore, right? But it's a lesson for me that I can't depend on it," continued Aca.

Now, as a single mother, she must be able to take care of work related to the house. Thankfully, he was finally able to complete work after work without relying on Desta, who he often called Abuy.

"Finally, slowly, Aca is able to take care of her own visa, she can do anything by herself, without having to buy and buy any more. Even though she still likes it a little bit, she still likes it that way. But compared to the previous one, it's not bad, even though it's really difficult," said Aca.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Desta also feels the same way as Natasha, or commonly known as Aca. He felt that he had long been used to solving difficulties with Aca.

"For me, the difficulty is that Aca and I always seem to be trying to fulfill what she is having trouble with, for example. I will definitely really support her," said Desta.

Initially, he also felt quite relieved because no one asked him to fight again after work. However, it cannot be denied that he also feels quite lonely without the presence of his wife and children to welcome him at home.

"Initially after separating, I felt like at least now there were no longer any differences of opinion that would end up making a fuss. So, I could focus on Caca and the children. Finally, after walking for a long time, I went home and it was like, the house is empty "It's really true, I'm alone, I'm sick and I'm the one who takes care of me, Miss Marni," said Desta.

Apart from talking about their lives, the two of them also had flashbacks of memories from when they were dating. Apparently Natasha Rizky was dumped by Desta in the middle of filming.

"Aca was filming in Bali, then when she was close to the village, suddenly she didn't want to film because Aca was dumped by Desta," said Natasha Rizky.

Desta replied that after that the two of them were finally able to reconnect. Not wanting to remain silent, Nathasa also responded by saying that the current conditions were different. The chat between the two was flooded with comments from netizens. Many said they were happy because they could joke and confide in their ex-partner. Not a few hope that the two can reconcile.

"Hopefully this love will lead to reconciliation," wrote @ardysetiawan.

"I think you've really made peace, you can joke around with each other," said @wulanwuelan12.

"respect for both of you, you can still care for each other," commented @arisalfrzi.