Even though he didn't campaign, there was one thing that was another determining factor that made Komeng chosen by the people of West Java.

  22 Februari 2024 14:20

Brilio.net - The public was shocked by the strange photo of Alfiansyah Bustami alias Komeng on the ballot papers in the 2024 general election (Pemilu) yesterday. Never making a big deal, Komeng apparently ran as a member of the DPD RI for the West Java electoral district. If legislative candidates usually pose formally, the comedian actually posed with a funny face, inviting hilarious comments from netizens.

In the democratic party, Komeng won the most votes based on the KPU's real count which is still ongoing. According to official data from the General Election Commission (KPU) as of Thursday (22/2), the votes received by Komeng reached almost two million voters, with a total of 1,946,652 votes.

Even though the vote count has only reached 59.9 percent, it does not rule out the possibility that Komeng's votes will continue to increase until the end of the count. Many were amazed at the vote tally obtained by Komeng. The public's admiration is even greater because Komeng has barely been seen carrying out campaigns.

In a podcast with Deddy Corbuzier, Komeng admitted that during the campaign period, he did not carry out these activities. However, there was one thing that became another determining factor so that he could be chosen by the people of West Java.

Komeng's strategy can get the highest votes  various sources

photo: YouTube/Deddy Corbuzier

"No, what are you doing (campaigning)," said Komeng, quoted by brilio.net from YouTube Deddy Corbuzier, Thursday (22/2).

Komeng only implements strategies that other people might not have thought of. This comedian, who is synonymous with the slogan 'Spontan Uhuy', deliberately took a job in the West Java area so that people would get to know him better.

"I was actually looking for a job, but I took more jobs in West Java," he explained.

According to Deddy, the Komeng method is indirectly the same as campaign activities.

"Campaigning but instead getting money. The campaign doesn't look like a campaign," said Azka's father.

Komeng's strategy can get the highest votes  various sources

photo: Instagram/@komeng.original

To the local Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu), Komeng emphasized that he was not campaigning. There was no invitation to vote for him during the event. He only asked for blessings from his audience to become a legislative candidate.

"When I speak, I only ask for blessings, because there is a Panwaslu. I say I'm not campaigning. I just ask for blessings, 'Here I am running for office.' "I didn't tell you to (vote), you know," explained the 53-year-old comedian.

"Panwaslu, the supervisory committee is funny, because I'm from comedy, sir," joked Komeng.

Komeng's strategy can get the highest votes  various sources

photo: Instagram/@komeng.original

Komeng himself has studied the election rules so he is sure he has not violated any rules. He just worked as usual, filling the event with comedy as his specialty. Instead of spending money as usual when campaigning, Komeng actually received money as an honorarium from his work.

"So I took jobs in several places in my electoral district, earning money," he concluded.

Advancing as a legislative candidate, Komeng succeeded in proving that entering the world of politics is not always synonymous with the word expensive.