Waiting for his votes, Komeng will soon get a seat in Senayan

  16 Februari 2024 23:29

Brilio.net - As reported by the real count results on the official KPU (General Election Commission) website, comedian Komeng is currently in the lead as a legislative candidate for the Indonesian Regional Representative Council (DPD) for the West Java electoral district. According to the KPU recapitulation as of Friday (16/2) at 11.01 WIB with data entering 39.75 percent, Komeng won 719,394 votes or 10.07 percent.

Apparently, there is a reason why Komeng chose to enter the world of politics to nominate as a member of the DPD RI . Initially, Komeng only wanted the comedy art he was involved in to have an anniversary, like Music Day and National Film Day. He and his colleagues at the Association of Indonesian Comedy Artists (PASKI) have submitted the proposal to the DPR, but to no avail.

reasons for commenting to nominate as dpd  instagram

photo: Instagram/@komeng.original

"In fact, in the beginning, my goal was actually to have a Comedy Day. There was a Music Day, there was a Film Day. Until my neighbor had a Sabarno Day, there was a Mukti Day," said Komeng, as reported by merdeka6.com on Friday (16/2).

This is what then moved Komeng to run for legislative office. The reason is, he finds it very difficult to get a special day for comedy people in Indonesia. He wants to make the birthday of legendary artist Bing Slamet, September 27, Comedy Day.

"How come it's so difficult for me to do art just by asking for a day, I see. Here's how, I want to take Bing Slamet's birthday as September 27. Even though the state hasn't approved it, we still have it every September 27, happy comedy day. That's the start," explained Komeng.

The owner of the full name H. Alfiansyah Bustami Komeng also feels that the world of comedy does not receive enough attention from the government. In fact, his colleagues in the same profession who are members of the council do not pay more attention to the art of comedy.

reasons for commenting to nominate as dpd  instagram

photo: Instagram/@komeng.original

"It's true that our rich people don't pay enough attention. Even our friends, too, are already there and don't pay attention," said Komeng.

As he participates in the 2024 election, Komeng's hopes for the Indonesian arts world will increase. He hopes that Indonesia can be like Korea and Japan, whose culture has spread to all corners of the world.

"So we can't. Things like that in other countries for arts and culture can get double digits for the APBN. Well, I want to go there, but I don't know whether it can be done through the DPD, I don't understand," he concluded.