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Komeng admitted that KPU officers laughed when he handed over the photo.

  14 Februari 2024 22:22

The 2024 General Election will feature many unique events from various regions. Starting from KPPS officers wearing various costumes, polling stations designed to be anti-mainstream, down to small things such as photos of legislative candidates.

Let's just say one of them is a photo of a candidate for DPD RI members belonging to Komeng . An interesting initiative was carried out by Alfiansyah Bustami Komeng or who is familiarly known as Komeng. Instead of formal photos in a neat suit or shirt, Komeng actually wears casual clothes and poses hilariously.

This 53 year old comedian also revealed the story behind his odd photo that was used on the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) ballot papers.

the story behind the comment photo  Various sources

photo: X/Abdurarsyad &

He used the photo of Komeng's face which elicited laughter as a profile photo for the List of Permanent Candidates for the Regional Representative Council (DPD) for the Electoral District (Dapil) of West Java Province.

"Regarding photos, at that time the KPU (General Election Commission) asked for photos for the ballot papers, the KPU suggested wearing their own characteristic clothes or traditional clothes, he said, but I gave him that photo, the KPU people laughed," said the Minister of Religion, quoted by Brilio. .net from, Wednesday (14/2).

Not only was his photo pose unique and humorous, people were also surprised when they saw his appearance on the ballot. The reason is, the comedian who was born on August 25 1970 has never been seen campaigning either directly or through billboards.

the story behind the comment photo  Various sources

photo: Instagram/@komeng.original

Then, Komeng's presence in the 2024 presidential election went viral on social media and became the spotlight.

"Then I said 'is it okay or not?', 'can' means that if it doesn't violate it, I'll give you that one (photo), I just want to (look) different, I like things that are not marketable, from style to comedy concepts," Komeng added.

Furthermore, the former host of the television program "Spontan" admitted that he was serious about running for DPD. One of its missions is to realize the aspirations of Indonesian artists.

the story behind the comment photo  Various sources

photo: Instagram/@komeng.original

"I can follow the example of South Korea, with its arts and culture it can beat other countries, through arts and culture, drakor (Korean drama), K-pop, and culinary too, even the income to the country's APBN is almost 12 digits," he added.

The member of the Indonesian Comedy Artists Association (PASKI) also hopes that the 2024 elections can run peacefully and peacefully.