Unique Indomie creation by @vsamperuru (Photo via Instagram/vsamperuru)

So... how do you feel about waffles made from Indomie?

Retno Wulandari   27 April 2017 23:05

Every doctor, health website and diet expert would tell us to stay away from instant noodles, as they’re high on fat, calories and sodium but low on nutritive content. They also contain additionals that are harmful to our bodies, such as artificial colors, preservatives, and favorings. But well... those bad labels couldn’t stop us from having bowls of steaming Indomie, especially in rainy days and nights.

Okay, we admit it. We love Indomie. Just like millions of people in Indonesia and Africa. Instant noodles like Indomie have became daily consumption, even some creative folks have developed recipes that turn standard Indomie into all-star cuisine, though some might sound weird (yes, we're looking at you, whoever invented Indomie Waffle).

So, if you want to break the diet rule a little bit and do some experiment with Indomie, here are some inspirations.

1. Indomie Real Meat Ayam Kodok

Indomie Real Meat Ayam Jamur mixed with minced chicken thighs, formed into the signature Ayam Kodok, grilled, and served with veggies. Yum!

2. Indomie Rendang on Grilled Eggplants

Indomie Goreng Rendang cooked with grilled eggplants for a dish you can usually enjoy in a five-star restaurant.

3. Mini Samosa Indomie with Raita Sauce

Delicious afternoon snack with an Indian touch! Cooked with garam masala and curry powder, you will never get enough of this dish.

4. Red Jelly Indomie Dessert


Dessert Red Jelly Indomie . . #uniqmie #IndomieChallenge #indomieUniqmie #indomie #IndomieCompetition #IndomieChallenge #InstaFood @indomie

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh aulia rahmi (@auliaa_ami) pada

This is one of a kind! How often have you had Indomie as a dessert? How about Indomie with a slice of banana? Tasted sweet as well!

5. Indomie Salmon Sushi

Indomie Goreng topped with grilled salmon will never let you down!

6. Indomie Kriuk Bar & Chips

Made using Indomie Jumbo Ayam Panggang, this snack will be great to make a fulfilling afternoon tea.

7. Sweet Indomie Waffle with Ice Cream

The combination of maple syrup, vanilla ice cram, choco sprinkles, with the crispiness of Indomie will never fail you!

8. Pom Pom Chicken Noodle with Cheese

Balls of savoury minced chicken, chees, covered with the crunchiness of Indomie. Your kids gonna love it.

9. Indomie Arem-arem with Minced Beef and Veggies

The traditional arem-arem, usually made of rice, filled with delicious mix of minced beef, chopped carrots, and potatoes. Serve it with a cup of coffee or tea.

10. Indomie Beef Pastry


Indomie Lapis Pastry #tasty #indomieuniqmie #indomieseleraku #pastry @indomie

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Citra Lidya Furi (@citralidyafuri) pada

Crunchy pastry filled with delicious mix of Indomie Goreng and minced beef. This dish could win a MasterChef challenge.

11. Pempek Kapal Selam Indomie

Pempek, a favorite traditional Palembang street food, traditionally filled with boiled egg, modified with Indomie filling. Super cool.

12. Indomie with Herbs and Avocado Sauce

Can’t really imagine the taste... Mexican-guacamole-like? Or maybe pesto-like? but it should taste as good as it looks!

Feeling inspired? Go grab your favorite Indomie now and cook a mouth-watering dish!


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