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This natural ingredient can make the skin moisturized, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  14 April 2024 06:00 - Everyone definitely wants to have a youthful face and not get older with age. However, this dream cannot be realized, because the aging process can only be prevented by increasing collagen and elastin levels in the body. Collagen is the most abundant type of protein in the human body, mainly found in skin, bones, tendons, and other connective tissues.

The structure of collagen is similar to connective tissue in that it provides support and strength to various parts of the body. In the skin, collagen forms fibrous tissue that provides its structural framework and elasticity. This tissue is what keeps the skin firm and youthful. Collagen helps maintain skin elasticity by providing structure and support to the skin layers.

As we age, the body's production of collagen begins to decline, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and become saggy. It even makes fine lines and wrinkles appear on the surface of the face. So that signs of aging do not appear, you need to increase collagen production. One way to increase collagen production can be obtained from natural ingredients.

As shown by YouTube user @glentinapasaribu. In his video upload, he uses chicken feet to increase collagen production. Reporting from, chicken feet contain collagen, a structural protein that is important for skin strength, suppleness and elasticity. Consuming collagen directly from natural sources such as chicken feet can help increase collagen production in the body.

Not only that, the collagen in claws can make the skin moist, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even if collagen from claws is consumed regularly, it can stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. Not only is it good for the skin, collagen is also important for joint and bone health. The reason is, this collagen helps in bone formation and relieves joint pain.

Apart from collagen, chicken feet also contain other important nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals. All ingredients, including B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, and selenium support overall skin and body health. These chicken feet can also be processed into food that can meet collagen needs .

The addition of ingredients such as onions and carrots is used to enhance the taste and eliminate the fishy smell of the claw. So, are you interested in consuming natural collagen? For those of you who want to try, let's look at the steps shared by YouTube user @glentinapasaribu, reported by on Sunday (14/4).


how to make collagen food from various sources

photo: YouTube/@Glentina Pasaribu

- 300 grams of chicken feet
- 1 tablespoon apple vinegar
- 1/2 carrot
- 1 onion.

How to make:

how to make collagen food from various sources

photo: YouTube/@Glentina Pasaribu

1. Prepare a pan containing 2 liters of water
2. Put the claws into the pan
3. Boil all the claws until they boil
4. Lift all the claws
5. Put all the ingredients in the slow cooker until it boils (another option can be boiled over low heat)
6. Remove the carrots and onions
7. Also remove the boiled claw water
8. Pour into a container, while filtering
9. Put it in a small container
10. Consume collagen from this claw regularly to get the results you want.

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