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Not many people know that this food ingredient can treat hair loss

  2 April 2024 18:11 - Having a crown of beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of many women. Moreover, if your hair is long and soft. However, having long hair is a challenge for some women. This is because long hair falls out easily .

Not only does one or two strands fall out, sometimes some experience quite a lot of hair loss. If this condition is not treated immediately, it can cause baldness on the scalp.

The cause of excessive hair loss in long hair can be caused by several factors. First, hormonal imbalances that occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. This condition causes hair to become brittle, fall out easily, and affects the hair growth cycle.

The second factor is lack of nutrition in the hair. Lack of nutritional intake such as protein, iron, vitamins and minerals can cause hair to become weak and fall out. The next factor is that the use of chemical products such as hair dye can also damage the hair structure, causing excessive hair loss.

The solution to overcome the conditions above is to provide hair nutrition by using topical treatments. As did YouTube user @SceliesChannel, he uses avocado , aloe vera and mayonnaise without mixing it with coconut milk.

Reporting from, Tuesday (2/4) avocados contain a number of nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin B complex, as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium. These nutrients are important for maintaining a healthy scalp and stimulating strong hair growth. The healthy fat content in avocado helps strengthen hair from root to tip, reducing brittleness and hair loss.

Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve inflammation of the scalp. Inflammation can be a cause of hair loss. Therefore, reducing inflammation may help overcome this problem.

Not only that, aloe vera has a high water content and is able to moisturize the scalp. So it can maintain moisture and healthy scalp. The presence of proteolytic enzymes in aloe vera helps cleanse scalp pores of dirt and oil residue, promoting healthy hair growth.

Meanwhile, mayonnaise contains protein which is good for healthy hair growth. Then the fatty acids, especially omega-3 and omega-6, help maintain hair moisture and increase hair strength.

So how do you make it? Here are the tricks you can get, as summarized by from the YouTube channel @SceliesChannel, Tuesday (2/4).


How to deal with excessive hair loss from various sources

photo: YouTube/@SceliesChannel

- 1 avocado
- 1 aloe vera.
- 2 tablespoons mayonnaise.

How to make:

How to deal with excessive hair loss from various sources

photo: YouTube/@SceliesChannel

1. Clean the aloe vera from the skin
2. Slice the aloe vera into dice
3. Take the aloe vera gel and put it in a container
4. Take the avocado flesh
5. Add mayonnaise
6. Stir all the ingredients until evenly mixed
7. Pour into a container, while filtering
8. Squeeze until water comes out
9. Then the mask made from natural ingredients is ready for you to use.

How to use:

How to deal with excessive hair loss from various sources

photo: YouTube/@SceliesChannel

1. Part your hair into several sections
2. Apply the mask evenly to the hair
3. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and cover using a shower cap
4. Rinse the mask using regular shampoo and water
5. Use this hair mask regularly so that hair grows healthily.

Clean hair without dandruff using avocado.

Avocados are not only for consumption and used as ingredients in food or drink mixtures. This fruit apparently contains healthy fatty acids which can maintain healthy scalp. So the skin becomes more moisturized and avoids dry dandruff.

Avocados are rich in various vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin K. All of these ingredients are claimed to be able to maintain scalp health and reduce inflammation associated with dandruff. Meanwhile, minerals such as magnesium and potassium help increase blood circulation to the scalp, so they are believed to be effective in reducing dandruff.

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