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The healthy fats in this fruit help reduce hair brittleness and damage that can cause hair loss.

  31 Maret 2024 11:00 - Hair loss is a common problem that is quite disturbing for everyone. Every day, people experience small amounts of hair loss which is still considered normal, because it is included in the normal growth cycle. However, if the hair loss is excessive, you need to be alert.

The reason is, if excess hair loss is not treated immediately it can cause baldness. You need to know, human hair goes through a regular cycle of growing, resting and falling out. This cycle is known as the hair growth cycle and has three main stages, namely anagen (growth), catagen (resting), and telogen (loss stage).

In the third stage, there are several factors that influence the level of hair loss, namely genetics, scalp health, hormonal changes, stress, and lack of vitamins. Apart from that, hair loss can also be influenced by lifestyle and lack of care. If you experience this problem, no need to worry.

You can still deal with hair loss in various ways, such as using hair growth serum which can make it thicker in a short time. However, the use of this growth serum is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Apart from the content, the unaffordable price also makes some people think twice about using it.

As a solution, you can overcome this hair loss problem using a mask made from natural ingredients. As done by beauty vlogger @momandjas who uses avocado and shea butter as basic ingredients for a hair mask. Both of these ingredients have their own benefits for hair health .

Avocados contain healthy fats and natural oils that can deeply moisturize hair. Healthy fats help reduce hair brittleness and damage that can lead to hair loss. Reporting from, the nutritional content in avocados, such as vitamin E, vitamin B, and potassium can help strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss.

Avocado oil has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties that can help maintain scalp balance. A healthy scalp can stimulate strong hair growth and reduce the risk of hair loss. Not only that, avocados also contain antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E which help fight free radical damage which can damage hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Meanwhile, shea butter has a high fat content, including unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid. This content helps moisturize hair and maintain natural moisture. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammation and irritation of the scalp which can be a factor causing hair loss.

After knowing the benefits of the two ingredients, here's how to process them into a hair mask that can treat hair loss, as reported by from the YouTube channel @momandjas, Sunday (31/03).


How to treat hair loss using masks from various sources

photo: YouTube/@momandjas

1. 2 avocados
2. Olive oil
3. Shea butter

How to make:

How to treat hair loss using masks from various sources

photo: YouTube/@momandjas

1. Take the avocado flesh and put it in a container
2. Blend it using a spoon
3. Pour enough olive oil
4. Stir all the ingredients until evenly mixed
5. Heat all ingredients using the double boiler technique
6. Pour into a container while filtering
7. In a different container, add butter
8. Heat the butter using the double boiler technique
9. Leave the butter until it freezes and blend with a mixer
10. Pour in the avocado oil that was made previously
11. Stir all the ingredients again until they are evenly mixed and have a creamy texture
12. Put the hair mask in a small container and store it in a dry place.

How to use:

How to treat hair loss using masks from various sources

photo: YouTube/@momandjas

1. Part your hair into several sections
2. Apply the hair mask all over your head
3. Wait for 15 minutes
4. Rinse the mask using plain water and shampoo
5. Repeat the use of the mask approximately two to three times a week.

Can shea butter prevent gray hair from appearing?

Other benefits of shea butter are not only those mentioned previously. This natural ingredient contains vitamin A, vitamin E and fatty acids which can maintain healthy skin. By maintaining a healthy scalp and well-hydrated hair, you can help keep your hair strong and reduce the risk of damage that can speed up the aging process and the appearance of gray hair.

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