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Excessive use of hair styling can cause hair to break easily and trigger hair loss

  12 Maret 2024 16:12 - Hair loss can occur in all groups, both women and men. Excessive hair loss may make them feel irritated and lack self-confidence.

But what actually causes hair loss? Problems that occur on the scalp are caused by five factors. The first factor is closely related to genetics. As with other hair problems, genetics plays an important role in determining the health of a person's scalp. If you have a family history of hair loss problems, chances are you will also experience the same thing.

Meanwhile, the second factor is caused by hormonal changes. These factors usually occur during pregnancy, menopause, and use of contraceptives. This condition can affect the hair growth cycle. This causes hair to fall out in small or large amounts.

The third factor is stress, you need to know that this is not only related to mental health. But it can also be a cause of hair loss. Chronic stress is known to disrupt the hair growth cycle and cause excessive shedding.

The fourth factor is nutritional deficiencies, such as iron, protein and vitamins. Well, this lack of nutrition causes hair to become brittle and fall out easily. And the fifth factor is hair damage caused by the use of chemical products or treatments involving styling tools.

Even though this styling tool is quite helpful for you in styling your hair, excessive use of hair styling can cause hair to break easily and trigger hair loss. Not only that, using products with chemical content can also make your hair fall out.

That's the cause of hair loss that you need to know. No need to worry, you can restore hair loss by applying conditioner made from natural ingredients. This trick is like that done by YouTube user hairtransformation2, Tuesday (12/3).

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