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This woman named Monica was about to undergo surgery, but was finally allowed to go home.

  18 Mei 2024 04:00 - Consuming something requires caution. Especially if what is eaten is a solid object and poses a potential danger. Because, many things cannot be digested by the body. Food conditions that are unbalanced or inappropriate to an individual's health condition can cause problems such as digestive disorders.

This condition was experienced by a woman named Monica who said she accidentally swallowed something. The story can be seen in the TikTok video posted by the account @pusya262.

In the video, Monica says she once accidentally swallowed a coin. The incident started when the grandmother visited her house carrying various kinds of fruit and cash. Her grandmother gave money to Monica in the form of banknotes and coins.

swallow coins out of the anus  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@pusya262

Long story short, when she was lying down, Monica deliberately played with the coins in her mouth. However, his actions resulted in him swallowing coins without realizing it. Panicking beyond belief, Monica immediately dug out the coins that were already in her throat. But unfortunately, the money had gone further.

"I was short of breath and had difficulty sleeping. Then I went to the bathroom, stumbling. There, I was washing. I picked up coins," said Monica, quoted by , Friday (17/5).

As a quick action, Monica was immediately taken to the hospital. X-ray results showed that the coin was indeed in the lower part of the throat. The doctor then advised immediate treatment.

However, when he was about to be removed, the treating doctor suddenly panicked. Because the coins that were in his throat were no longer visible. This will be dangerous if the money goes further into the body.

"Finally I had another x-ray. The doctor was panicked because he was afraid that the coins would go into my chest area," he wrote.

swallow coins out of the anus  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@pusya262

If the coin has entered the chest, then the level of operation will increase. The hospital where he was at that time did not have the facilities to carry out the operation, forcing him to be referred to a larger hospital.

Fortunately, the money goes to the digestive area. With these conditions, Monica does not need to have surgery. However, he had to be hospitalized for two days. During that time he was not allowed to eat solid food and was only advised to eat porridge.

swallow coins out of the anus  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@pusya262

Even though the coins had not yet left the body, the doctor allowed Monica to go home from the hospital. At that time, the doctor advised her to always check her feces after Monica defecated. Sure enough, several times after going home from the hospital , the coins came out.

He experienced this story when he was 6 years old. Now, Monica has grown up. This story about swallowing coins went viral and attracted the attention of netizens.

Since it was posted until this article was written, the @pusya262 account has gathered 12,200 viewers. Apart from that, there are also hundreds of likes and comments.

"Is it really painful in the stomach? Before it comes out, it goes through the intestines first," asked the account @star.

"Sis, thank God, I only need a ngeden, I don't need money for surgery," said the account @outfitbyyuri.

"My cousin once stole a coin and then the coin came out when he was at home," wrote the account @mlikasnnjf.

"Sis, I also once collected a battery with small balls. It came out when it pooped," said the account @salmaureola.

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