foto: TikTok/@vivia_sahara

While working in Taiwan, he slept in a kitchen that was approximately one meter in size.

  5 Mei 2024 09:00 - Many people choose to become female workers (TKW) as a step to improve their family's financial condition. This decision is often triggered by pressing economic needs in the country of origin, where employment opportunities may be limited or wages received insufficient to meet daily needs.

Because of this, someone is willing to migrate and leave their family. That's what this woman named Vivia did. Through her TikTok account @vivia_sahara, the account owner shares her story of struggling as a migrant worker in Taiwan.

Taiwan is indeed one of the countries that absorbs workers from Indonesia. For women, the jobs offered are not far from being a household assistant, and Vivi is no exception. Apart from taking care of the house, he was also asked to take care of the elderly.

Vivi admitted that she had been migrating in that country for 8 years. During that time he never came home. However, the worrying thing is that his bed is on overseas land. If so far many people think that migrant workers' lives abroad are good, then Vivi shows the dark side of what she feels.

He showed that the condition of his room was quite worrying . While working there, Vivi slept in the kitchen. There are indeed mattresses and pillows, but they are only about one meter wide. Left and right flanked by kitchen equipment such as stove, gas and so on.

tkw sleeping in the kitchen  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@vivia_sahara

Vivi said that when winter came, she would always be cold because there was no heating in the kitchen. Meanwhile, when summer arrives, he will definitely feel hot. He was forced to survive in this condition for eight years.

" I sleep in the kitchen. In winter, it's really cold because there's no heating. In summer, it's really very hot ," wrote the caption.

tkw sleeping in the kitchen  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@vivia_sahara

This condition does not occur without cause. It turns out that the house of this woman from Indonesia is actually narrow. Even though the bed is uncomfortable, Vivi said this condition also provides benefits. At least he didn't have to worry too much about cleaning up a house that wasn't too wide.

" The work is very relaxing, the house is small. Full of lying around, free to cook, good employer. The patient is not fussy and never leaves the house, " he wrote.

tkw sleeping in the kitchen  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@vivia_sahara

However, he admitted that this year was his last year working at the house. Vivi will certainly seek her luck elsewhere. The story attracted the attention of netizens. Many felt sorry for what Vivi felt. Apart from that, they also flocked to provide encouragement.

" Ma'am, be enthusiastic, be patient, may Allah SWT raise your status, sis, " said the account @gonebiierl.

" This so-called struggle requires sacrifice. Be enthusiastic, hopefully there will be a lesson for sure, " wrote the account @yasiffa10.

" Ma'am, you can report that to the Department of Manpower. Usually, when you enter the house of your employer, the Department of Manpower sees whether our bed is suitable or not, " someone offered.

" Be patient, sis, the important thing is to get paid every month. I've experienced this in Hong Kong for 2 years sleeping in the kitchen, " commented the account @falahudafa.

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