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This woman admitted that she could not bear the side effects of installing contraceptives.

  14 Mei 2024 16:25 - In the past there was a popular phrase that often circulated, namely "many children, lots of fortune". This expression reflects people's views in the past that having many children was a gift or good luck in life. Moreover, agrarian life and large families supporting each other were still the norm at that time.

It's not wrong that many parents still think that children are often considered assets that can help the family's income. But now, this view is no longer relevant. This is because the cost of living is getting higher, education is expensive, parents' jobs are taking away time to take care of children and so on.

Not to mention, the world is experiencing overpopulation which is why the government is trying to reduce the birth rate. With a high birth rate, population growth will be uncontrollable and trigger various problems. As a form of mitigation, the government launched the Family Planning (KB) program since 1970.

However, in practice, not everyone agrees and wants to undergo a family planning program. In this era, quite a few have more than two children, like the story shared by the owner of the TikTok account @rodiyacollection. Through his account, the account owner who is familiarly called Rodiya admitted that he did not have the courage to do family planning.

32 year old woman afraid of birth control  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@rodiyacollection

Not without reason, he admitted that he was still afraid to install birth control because according to him it felt more painful than during pregnancy. In fact, at only 32 years old, Rodiya already has 6 children, 2 girls and 4 boys with not too big an age gap.

32 year old woman afraid of birth control  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@rodiyacollection

Actually 6 children are enough. "but I'm too afraid to take birth control... because the pain is more than that of someone who is pregnant... I hope that those who want to get offspring from Allah will be given ease, " he wrote in the caption, as quoted by from TikTok/@rodiyacollection on Tuesday (14/5).

For information, the family planning program provides various types of contraception, such as birth control pills, birth control injections, birth control implants and birth control patches which work by regulating hormone levels in the body to prevent pregnancy. Apart from that, there are also intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) such as IUDs and spirals which are placed in the uterus to prevent sperm from meeting the egg.

32 year old woman afraid of birth control  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@rodiyacollection

Rodiya admitted that she had previously tried to install birth control, but her stomach immediately became hot and nauseous. He also felt constant dizziness. These side effects really interfere with his activities and obligations to look after 6 children.

My stomach is hot and nauseous, I have a headache every day. I can't afford it. because I have 6 children to look after ," he said in response to one netizen's comment.

Apart from her not being able to feel the pain, her husband also asked her not to undergo the program. Her husband also couldn't bear to see his wife nauseous and in endless pain.

This story also attracted the attention of netizens , being watched hundreds of thousands of times and receiving thousands of comments. Many people support and oppose this decision.

" The important thing is that your husband wants to provide for you, otherwise your children will suffer, " wrote the account @elliemovie__.

" Someone has already managed the fortune. But no one knows the age either. I'm more afraid if the life is short but the child is still small, " said the account @rennymendezzz.

" It's okay as long as you can be responsible until the children can be independent, " said the account @dyah234711.

" Mothers, all those who commented love you and your children. They don't want you to get tired and have more children, and your children still have a long future ahead of them and require quite a lot of money, " commented the account @azizahpramayudha.