foto: TikTok/@nadine_r2

Women may be needed to drive in difficult situations.

  22 April 2024 23:59 - Driving is often identified with men's work. However, in the current era, this stigma no longer seems to apply. The proof is that now many women can drive themselves. Apart from its own benefit to make traveling easier, the ability to drive for women can also be useful for other people.

For example, women may be needed to drive in difficult situations. Additionally, the ability to drive allows women to take a more active role in family life. That way, women can take their children to school, shop for family needs, and attend events more easily.

This was also experienced by the TikTok account @nadine_r2 who shared his experience of driving when in an emergency. In the carousel-shaped upload, he explained that he and his family were going home for Eid 2024. At first, they stopped at a rest area for dinner.

The importance of a wife being able to drive a car TikTok/@nadine_r2

photo: TikTok/@nadine_r2

Previously, the car was driven by the husband and was still in good condition. However, things changed when her husband ate tuna. In the upload, the child can also be seen eating, but chose to eat a portion of soup.

After eating, this small family continued their journey. After only 5 minutes of driving, the husband then admitted that he felt the AC in his car was hot. In fact, according to the uploader, the car's AC still feels cold and normal as usual.

The importance of a wife being able to drive a car TikTok/@nadine_r2

photo: TikTok/@nadine_r2

" Just 5 minutes out of the rest area, my husband complained that the car AC was hot... I said no, why is it so cold, then asked to take a turn driving... " she wrote in the caption of one of her photos, reported by from TikTok/@nadine_r2, Monday ( 4/22).

Seeing that her husband's condition was showing unhealthy signs, the account owner who is familiarly called Nadine immediately continued his journey to the next rest area. The aim was to check the husband's condition at the homecoming post which provided a doctor on duty. But unfortunately, the doctor had gone home because his shift was over. Luckily, there were still police on guard and gave the husband allergy medicine.

The importance of a wife being able to drive a car TikTok/@nadine_r2

photo: TikTok/@nadine_r2

After further investigation, it turned out that the husband's condition, which suddenly felt hot and weak, was caused by poisoning from the tuna he had consumed. Not because of allergies, Nadine revealed that her husband had never previously had complaints or side effects when consuming tuna.

Husband was poisoned by tuna. who has been FYP on TikTok and yesterday my husband experienced it himself. "Previously, it was safe to eat cob, " added Nadine.

After the husband took the medicine, the wife continued their journey by taking over the wheel of the car. Finally they arrived safely to Palembang, even though the road conditions were filled with wind and rain. From these conditions, the account owner realized how important it was to be able to drive a car in case of an emergency.

The importance of a wife being able to drive a car  2024 TikTok

photo: TikTok/@nadine_r2

As important as it is, it turns out that the wife can drive. because we never know what accidents will suddenly happen on the road... to be honest, we've taken 3 long trips instead of driving. the husband is sleepy. who suddenly got dizzy. "and then my husband was poisoned with cob (crying emoji), " he said.

At the end of her upload, she admitted that she was quite panicked when she saw her husband's condition, who suddenly became ill during a long trip. Moreover, the condition is far from the hospital. Even so, Nadine admitted that she was grateful because her family was still protected. From the post uploaded, the video has been watched 1.9 million times, 81.6 thousand likes and 4220 comments.

" Just yesterday there was a tuna dish when I was invited to eat at a friend's house. I wanted to take it but I thought it was poisonous, so I didn't take it Bun, " said the account @mawsyaaddah.

" I was once poisoned by tuna, what I felt was really dizzy, very dizzy, very painful in the head, there was a feeling of nausea but not to the point of vomiting, it felt like after 5-10 minutes it was as difficult as eating tuna for lunch, " said the account @sitinurayu_u.

" If you're in a rest area, it's better to buy food that has a clear brand (fried chicken, or even pop noodles) because if it's food at a food stall, it takes a long time to cook ," wrote the account @softumilita_

" When I was little, I was also poisoned by tuna, red eyes, hot body, headaches, until now I am still traumatized by eating tuna, even all types of fish ," said the account @omoycat.