It's a bad prank like this

  5 April 2024 02:25 - Breaking fast with friends has become a tradition among Muslims who fast during the month of Ramadan. Usually breaking the fast together or bukber is done in a restaurant or restaurant that is everyone's favorite.

Usually this event will be coordinated by a committee. From determining the date, location of the event, to ordering the takjil and meal menu, it will be arranged in such a way. Well, when invited to bukber, usually people will come with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

However, this is different from what happened to the woman in the video that went viral recently. I'm tired of ordering a lot of food for bukber , but none of my friends come.

the annoying story of TikTok

photo: TikTok/@inong.nuraini

"Breaking fast or April Fool's prank??" write the description of the video shared by the account owner @inong.nuraini.

In the 47 second video, you can see that in a restaurant, various delicious dishes are served on a long orange table. The number of menus served at the restaurant table is very large. Not including several glasses of iced tea at the end of the table.

However, the various kinds of dishes above that were prepared for the bukber event ended up being wasted. The problem was, none of the friends who had been invited to the bukber event came.

It seemed that only two people came to the event. Including a man and one who recorded the video.

"It feels like it's being pranked. This hour hasn't arrived yet," complained the woman who recorded the video.

the annoying story of TikTok

photo: TikTok/@inong.nuraini

In the next upload, the account owner also revealed that he felt very embarrassed. Because he is the person in charge of this event. However, when it was approaching Maghrib time, none of his friends came except for the man who was also known to be coordinating this event.

"I've already booked and ordered food via WA. When I arrived, it was already available because it was 30 minutes before sunset. When it was sunset, I had to break my fast first and still didn't come. To the point that other customers noticed, 'No one is coming, sis?' It's embarrassing to be a spectacle!!" he wrote in the upload caption.

The woman was really confused about how to spend so much iftar food. Even though they were the only two who came to the failed bukber event.

the annoying story of TikTok

photo: TikTok/@inong.nuraini

The woman was very annoyed because the food at the other table had run out. There were even other buyers who changed the menu. Meanwhile, nothing on the table was finished. Almost all the food still looks intact.

Confused about what to do at the bukber event, the woman invited her male friend to go home. The moment when the bukber failed even though we had ordered a lot of food but no one came, it went viral and invited various reactions from netizens.

Some said they had also experienced something similar. Tired of ordering a lot of food, but no friends come. What's worse is that there are those who admit that they are tired of cooking the bukber menu at home. But his friends didn't come unannounced.

the annoying story of TikTok

photo: TikTok/@inong.nuraini

" A suggestion, don't accompany friends like that anymore. You don't need to listen to their reasons if you really don't come ," wrote the owner of the account @yonathaniwan89, also annoyed.

" I swear, I never want to break up if I tell you to do it first. Afraid of being a victim, I'd rather follow but vc first ," said the account @llalarhw.

" In 2022, my wife's friend held a bukber, everyone in the alumni group answered OK, on the day of the event no one came. Finally, my WA wife & I took the initiative to invite my work friends to ask for help. In the end, it was my friends and their children who came. "In the alumni group, my wife immediately ultied those who promised to come, but apparently no one came ," wrote the account @bambangiswandi77.

" If I invite you for bukber at my house. I've been shopping, I've cooked a lot and no one comes. Damn it ," said the account @dvpuspita.

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