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The contents of the chat make you laugh too.

  24 Maret 2024 20:00 - When married , the question of when to get pregnant is often a pressure felt by the couple, especially women. The pain is truly deeper if it is not only a question, but also a demand for family, friends or the surrounding community.

That's what this woman is experiencing. 3 years into the household, her womb was never filled. This also became a very mentally draining challenge for him. He wrote his story via a TikTok video posted by the account @ling_lingling.

At first, she showed a wedding photo with her husband. It seems that the wedding was held simply. However, what is the highlight is the caption. He said "what could be more painful than this marriage?"

Apart from questions, he of course intends to share the most painful story during his marriage. Not from my husband, not because of a third person. But because of his own in-laws.

It turned out that his in-laws were really looking forward to a grandchild from their marriage. But what can I do, as a couple they haven't been able to produce offspring. Because of this, the in-laws immediately communicated via chat to their husband to say something.

caught chatting, in-laws tell husband to remarry  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@ling_linglingling

The parents-in-law consider that children are an invaluable blessing that has been sent down from Allah. He considers his son's wife to be very selfish because she doesn't think about old age. According to the mother-in-law, what is on her daughter-in-law's mind is the present. What's the point of living if you don't have children?

As you get older, productivity also decreases, including regarding reproduction. This is what his in-laws also conveyed in the chat column. So her mother-in-law suggested that her husband look for another woman who could produce offspring.

The mother-in-law asked her son to go to Bogor to look for a new wife. If possible, be a virgin and try to get pregnant. If successful, it means the first wife is infertile. There's no need to complicate things, it's enough to have an unregistered marriage, the important thing is that they can produce offspring.

"I have in-laws who advise their sons to do polygamy in order to have children, because until now I haven't given them children," wrote the woman in the caption.

It can be seen at the end of the message that the father-in-law asked his son to quickly delete the message. The goal is so that the son-in-law does not read it. However, it seems the husband chose not to delete it and let his wife read it.

"That's what Mama's WA is, don't delete it, let your wife see it," was written in the chat.

caught chatting, in-laws tell husband to remarry  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@ling_linglingling

This story also went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Many people felt sad about what this woman experienced. Of course netizens flocked to give encouraging words in the comments column.

"My friend used to tell me that her in-laws divorced because they didn't have children, now she's remarried and has children from her current husband, her ex-husband isn't even married anymore," said the account @hebihime

"Sis, it's better to go to the doctor to check both ways, who knows, your husband is having trouble having children. Not just your wife, sis. Keep your spirits up," wrote the account @ika

"Oh my God, I'm a 2nd line fighter. I've been waiting 3 years to read this, it's very painful, very sad," said the account @scorpiooooodia

"Oh my God, it turns out there really are in-laws like this, not just in soap operas. Big hugs for the patient sis," commented the account @oke

From the time the video was posted until this article was written, the @ling_lingling account has gathered 46,600 viewers. Apart from that, there are also thousands of accounts that have given likes and hundreds of comments.