Even though the child already has a salary, the father still often sends messages.

  21 Maret 2024 23:45

Brilio.net - Of course parents have the main responsibility to provide for their children. That is not only a moral obligation, but also part of the role of parents in educating and caring for children. Well, sometimes, this is of course also accompanied by affection. So even though the child has money, the feeling of wanting to give is still there.

That's what this woman felt. He really got the love of a father. The story can be seen in the TikTok video posted by the @katariskina account.

In the story, the woman named Intan has finished her studies. As a fresh graduate, thankfully he was immediately accepted as a worker. Intan got a job so she has her own income.

After working, Intan was no longer the same as before as a child who hoped for a transfer . He tried to live on his own feet. Survive with the salary he has and no longer ask his parents.

However, the father will always remain a father. Even when Intan was financially independent, her father always cared about Intan's finances. Routinely, her father asked whether Intan still had money or whether it had run out.

"Never mind. Do you still have [the money] until you get paid?" wrote his father in a WhatsApp message.

Intan, as a child who is learning to be independent, of course she tries not to ask for money anymore. So he will answer that the money is still there and there is enough until payday. The father will be relieved when he hears Diamond's answer.

However, not just once or twice. Periodically, her father would always ask whether Intan still had money or not. Intan shared 8 chat screenshots containing similar questions from her father.

In one situation, Intan needed a helping hand from her parents. He was once in a situation where he had little money left. The father who had asked was certainly not just asking. But it also helps in the form of sending money.

Seen in the video, the father actually sent a lot of money to his son. The child feels bad. He even apologized for not being able to manage his finances well.

"Sorry, but there are still a lot of shortcomings, Dad. Thank you," he said.

"The 1st place father asked if he had been paid yet, he was afraid he wouldn't survive until the end of the month," he said.

What Intan's father did is definitely not related to the sandwich generation. Because, that generation actually did the opposite. Half dead save money to be able to send and support the family at home.

This story also went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Many certainly felt touched by this incident. Apart from that, there are people who have stories that are exactly the same as in the video.

"When I first got paid, I gave my mother and father the money. All of it, and what my mother said was that the money my brother gave me was really folded and kept in a cupboard under a notebook. Then my father told me, don't regret/complain, Sis, if you ask for money," said the account. @ayusdes.

"Simple but I lost," wrote the account @piscesgirl.

"Every time the sandwich generation gets paid, it's not happy, it's sad. They have to distribute the money for the family's needs, it's really tiring," said @chaa.

"Have a father but lost his role and have to fight for everything alone," commented @dds.fs.

From the video being posted until this article was written, the @katariskina account has gathered 1.5 million views. Apart from that, there were also 89,500 accounts that gave likes and 8,003 comments.