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The cellphone he got from his hard work saving was sold without notification from his parents.

  14 Mei 2024 20:43 - Sometimes, lower class people have to think of various creative and innovative ways to meet their daily needs. Economic limitations force them to optimize every available resource and look for economical but effective solutions.

This condition was felt by a mother in Cirebon. He was forced to sell items in his house to meet his daily needs. The story can be seen via the Instagram video posted by the @terang_media account.

The mother has a son who is still in elementary school. Economic pressures forced him to sell his son's cellphone. However, what is of concern is that the child bought the cellphone from his savings.

Depressed boy in Cirebon sells his cellphone  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@terang_media

Of course the mother's decision was a difficult one for her child. How could it not be, he had struggled to save money to have an electronic device, but instead it was sold without his mother telling him first.

The video shows the child venting his emotions by crying. At home, he shouted as loud as he could to show his unwillingness to lose his cell phone.

Apart from crying, his behavior showed that he was experiencing severe depression. His mother admitted that she regretted selling the cellphone. But what can be said, the rice has become porridge. The cellphone cannot be returned.

Depressed boy in Cirebon sells his cellphone  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@terang_media

"A 13 year old student in Cirebon City, West Java, experienced severe depression after the cellphone he bought using his personal savings was sold by his mother for daily needs," said the account that went viral, quoted by , Tuesday (14/5) .

Knowing the child's condition, a number of teachers at his school came to the house. The teachers who wanted to check on the condition of the 13 year old boy tried to calm him down and provide understanding. One of the teachers was seen giving the child a hug so that the child would stop crying.

This story also went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Many also prayed that the child would recover from his depression . Because, it seems that netizens feel how the child struggles to collect money.

Depressed boy in Cirebon sells his cellphone  Instagram

photo: Instagram/@terang_media

Since it was posted until this article was written, the video has been watched thousands of times. Apart from that, the video has been reposted on various social media and received thousands of likes and comments.

"He hurts to this extent, I hope my little brother recovers quickly so he can go back to school," said the account @rinaavi2.

"It's not a problem with the cellphone, but your child's hard work. The child must be very disappointed. Hopefully the mother can understand and sincerely apologize to her child. I'm sure that even though the pain of the day of disappointment is changed, it will still be there," explained the account @tamaramauliaa.

"On the other hand, it's a shame, but I've been in that small position, where I saved for months to buy a cellphone, instead I used it for business capital, at first I had a tantrum and wanted to run away, but now I have my own job, I'm starting to feel that my business needs to be kept healthy for my father. /mama," said the account @zvayb_id.

"It's a shame that the child, who had saved using personal money, was sold instead. The parents should be responsible for their daily needs," said the account @rofinuseboo.

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