Google and ASUS' Chromebit

The portable operating system is already available in some markets and will the rest of the world very soon.

  18 November 2015 13:41 - Over the last couple of months, Google and ASUS have been working together in developing a portable opearting system that you can plug and play on any monitor that has HDMI capabilities.

The Chromebit, as it is called, will set users back around $85 and weighs in at 75 grams. The miniature device features 16GB of on-board storage, 2GB of RAM, and even a USB port to plug in peripherals.

The Chromebit is expected to find a niche market in schools, businesses, and call centers. Because of it's relative small size and packed with a full-fledged OS, you can basically turn any idle monitor into a miniature workstation.

The Chrome OS itself was deisgned to run web apps found on Google Play.