The Kenbak-1 Digital Computer has been widely touted as a trailblazer when personal computers weren't a thing yet.

  9 November 2015 15:11 - Even though Kenbak-1 Digital Computer isnt as well known as the devices that came after it (such as Altair 8800 and Apple I), those who know its history consider it to be one of the first commercially available personal computers to be made.

It was introduced in 1971 by John Blankenbaker, who had for a long time dreamed of making an affordable personal computer. It cost $750 and few have been made (and only about 40 were sold), even though Blankenbaker hoped of selling it to schools, as he wanted its purpose to be educational.

Kenback-1 did not have a microprocessor, and only had 256 bytes of RAM because of its size and technical limitations.

In recent years, though, some units have been up for sale, and one was recently sold for around $31k. Another one is also listed for sale via German auctioneer Breker. The price might be a little too steep for an average collector, but Kenback-1 was certainly groundbreaking in its time and deserves its place in history.

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