Because she couldn't stand the situation any longer, this woman expressed her sadness.

  19 Mei 2024 06:00 - Behind the glittering progress of Indonesia's economy, there is a bitter reality that many people face. Where a number of people have found it difficult to find work. The high growth rate of the Indonesian workforce is not matched by the availability of adequate job opportunities.

That's what makes the woman in this video quite depressed. He is 1 of 9.9 million Gen Z who are declared unemployed. The story can be seen in the TikTok video posted by the account @racunbyarfffi.

The woman admitted that she had reached a level of stress because she could not find a job. Even though he is a bachelor's degree graduate. Living with your parents and not having a job is certainly not a young thing. He should have been able to help the family economically, but on the contrary, he has not been able to earn an income.

depressed due to lack of various resources

depressed because of being unemployed

Unable to withstand this pressure, this woman tried to leave the house for a while. Maybe looking for some air or maybe calming down. He also went to a cinema to watch a film.

However, it turned out that he lied to the family when asking for permission. Instead of telling the truth, the woman admitted to going on a job interview. Even though he only watched a comedy film entitled "Agak Laen".

It's called a comedy film, of course the intention is to make the audience laugh. Moreover, most of the actors in this film work as comedians. But not with this woman. He actually cried throughout the film. It's not that the film is wrong, it's just that the mood is chaotic.

The woman also said that she deliberately ordered a chair in the corner so she could cry as much as possible. The reason why he cried in the cinema was none other than because he was depressed because he was unemployed. He couldn't possibly express his emotions at home.

"I'm crazy for claiming to be interviewing for a job. Even though I went alone to the cinema, I looked for sitting in the corner and cried throughout the film even though it was a comedy. Because I was so stressed at home unemployed in S1)," he wrote.

depressed due to lack of various resources

depressed because of being unemployed

Luckily for him, the cinema was empty at that time. Throughout the screening there were only 8 people who entered the screening room. He can express his emotions as much as he likes. Of course, after this he hopes that his mentality will be more stable than before.

"Luckily there were only 8 people in the cinema. Because it was a weekday, if it was crowded it could be thought of as being possessed," he said.

This story went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Many don't have the heart and try to provide job vacancy information. Apart from that, netizens are also trying to make them steadfast with the situation they are currently experiencing.

"Sis, don't you want to work in a restaurant for a while? Later, I'll try to ask my husband, whose part of the office is low," said one netizen.

The video owner quickly replied, "Oh, that's fine."

"Be patient. My child has been unemployed for almost 2 years. But I still support him. I never get angry even when I wake up late. Because I'm afraid that my child will be stressed," wrote the account @sekarmelatitoko

"Hey, for friends here who haven't been able to get a job and have been unemployed for a long time, don't be discouraged, maybe it's not the time yet, I graduated in 2018 and can get a job in 2022, just imagine what the stress will be like because of me," said the account @sopianiyan

"I pretended to make a proposal and said goodbye to my mother about the proposal, but I just rode my motorbike around for a long time and after that I went home with a smile and was happy to see me, sorry, mother," said the account @dipta.b.

From the video being posted until this article was written, the @racunbyarfffi account has gathered 102,800 viewers. Apart from that, there were also 3,945 likes and 1,072 comments.