Pantun is an old type of poetry that is a tradition of Indonesian society.

  16 Mei 2024 04:00 - A speech is an activity of speaking in public to convey something to many people in a certain situation. Generally, when delivering a speech, you must start with an opening and end with closing greetings.

Not just saying flat and boring words, closing the speech can also be done in a more exciting way to give a more interesting impression. One of them ends the speech with a rhyme.

Pantun is an old type of poetry that is a tradition of Indonesian society. The origin of the word pantun is the word 'tun' in the Kawi language which means to regulate. This refers to the composition of rhymes which are known to have certain rules.

Pantun can be used for various things, from competitions, literary works to ending speeches. To make your speech more interesting, here are 50 concluding rhymes for your speech, which were reported by from various sources, Wednesday (15/5).

Examples of interesting and memorable closing rhymes for speeches.

Closing rhyme of the speech  2024


1. Eat ketupat on Eid
With family to Temanggung
That's my speech
Sorry if there are any offensive words

2. Fishing on the edge of the river
Got a goldfish named Kadir
That's how my speech ends here
Hopefully it will be useful for all those present

3. Budi's house Iwan's house
If you meet, just open the door
See you guys
Hope to see you another time

4. Sleep soundly in bed
Water flows in the fish pond
My speech is indeed long
Even though it's long, it's fun

5. If there is a well in the field
Can I take a shower?
If there is a long life
Can I speak again?

6. The threader carries the chest
Wahyuni's mother sewed the kebaya
I said goodbye to resign
Thank you for your attention

7. The rice is gone and only straw remains
Burn it first until clean
Apparently my speech ended here
That's enough, thank you

8. Roses, jasmine flowers
Don't forget to smell it
Take a lesson from this speech
Wabillahi taufik walhidayah

9. Travel to the city of Makkah
I want to pray for a long time
Hopefully this speech brings blessings
Bringing grace to be together

10. Take a trip to Taman Mini
Stop for a moment to buy sunflower seeds
My speech ends here
Next time we'll connect again

11. Babies crawl on the ground
Crawling to the back of the house
Hopefully this speech will be a blessing
For lanterns in nature barzah

12. Go to the opposite island to bring goods
In the morning we set sail
If my speech wasn't long enough
Please invite again, but pay

13. Index finger for pointing
Wedding ring on ring finger
I saw that my friends were already sleepy
Don't worry, the speech is over

14. Go tilapia fishing
Tilapia are fished at dusk
Greetings from me
For all friends

15. The knife cuts into a wound
The pain is very painful
That's enough from me
I say thank you

16. In China there are priests
Make speeches without stopping talking
Everyone is busy for some reason
So the closing greeting was left unanswered

17. Go to the market to sell rambutan
The market opens Monday morning
See you guys
Hope to see you on another occasion

18. White jasmine flowers
Fragrant fragrance in the morning
My speech is enough here
If you miss it, please contact me

19. Knives are sharpened in the morning
Take it to the garden to chop
This is the end of my speech
Hopefully it can be useful

20. Mr Andi has a canary
Birds are dried in the sun until noon
The conversation ends here
Wrong and awkward, please forgive me

21. Go fishing on the Sula River
Tilapia are fished at dusk
Greetings from me
For all friends

22. Cows are slaughtered covered in blood
Cut the meat on the day of sacrifice
Sorry for any mistakes
Also please forgive my mistake

23. Pigeon of paradise
Look first in Papua
That's all and thank you
Hopefully useful for all

24. Papaya fruit under the piano
Salak fruit mixed with noodles
Let me close my speech
Hopefully it will be understood later

25. Buy books in Cikini
Read stories about kebaya
That's how my speech ends here
Thank you for your attention

Examples of impressive closing rhymes for speeches.

Closing rhyme of the speech  2024


26. Cooking rice in a pan
The rice is fluffy and fragrant
So I end this speech
Hopefully it can inspire everyone in the forum

27. Watch a movie at the cinema
The film is exciting and tense
That's how I deliver this speech
Hopefully this can provide enlightenment

28. The wind is blowing gently
Refreshes the soul and heart
My speech is finished
Hopefully we can meet again

29. Finches doves
Everyone loves the melodious chirping
My speech is over
Hopefully it's useful for all

30. Don't chase the world too much
Life is just relaxing
If anyone wants to ask
I invite you now

31. Knives cut into wounds
The pain is very painful
That's enough from me
I say thank you

32. Srikaya fruit is really delicious
But don't add bluntas
That's enough from me
Because the material is complete

38. Sit back and relax in the evening
Beautiful garden with gushing water
To the audience who came
Hopefully his fortune will run smoothly

34. A tree grows on Friday
The fruit is easy to pick by hand
Hopefully my presentation is useful
Sorry if there are any shortcomings

35. Roses on the highway
Taken to give to girlfriend
That's enough of my presentation
Hopefully the event goes smoothly

36. The dove flew to the mistress
Bring a letter from the dentist
Thank you for your attention
Hopefully we meet again

37. Sweep the sticks and tan
Used during Friday pickets
Thank you for listening
Hope it is useful

38. Kites in the skies of Kenya
Fly high like an illusion
Thank you for your input
Hopefully it can be used as evaluation material

39. I have a white rabbit
He likes to eat pandan leaves
If anyone wants to ask
Please show your right hand

40. Nada sells bricks
There are also teak chairs
If there is a wrong word
Sorry with all my heart

41. Glowing light bulb
Used to read news
That's all my delivery
May all our hopes come true

42. Taking a walk in the afternoon Adi has a handsome face
"Make your heart melt," said Lulu
If you see me on the street
Can we have coffee first?

43. Go to Laras's wedding wearing a kebaya
Atuk was reminded not to fall
Listen to my last words
Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings

45. Come on, Budi, ask questions
Why is dirty not clean?
For all your attention
I would like to express my gratitude

46. Bang Rahmat came bravely
Go to the doctor to have a tooth extracted
Let me end this speech
Don't miss me, see you tomorrow

47. If the turtle goes to the river
Of course he's looking for food
If my words hurt your heart
Please be forgiven

48. Sugar tastes sweet
If it's savory, it's coconut milk
That's all my speech
If there is a mistake, please forgive

49. Fried fish and shrimp stew
Everything is complete at the Parto stall
Even though this speech is long
Everyone in the audience is still happy, right?

50. Bring lunch to school
Rice and fish without spikes
Everything has been conveyed
I'm allowed to resign

Tips for delivering a good closing speech.

Closing rhyme of the speech  2024


The closing of a speech is an important part to leave a deep impression and strengthen the message you want to convey. There are also tips for delivering a good closing speech as follows:

1. Concise and clear.

Convey the essence of the speech briefly and clearly. Avoid beating around the bush or adding new, irrelevant information.

2. Emphasize the main message.

Repeat once again the main message you want to convey to the audience. This can help listeners to remember the message better.

3. Include a call to action.

Invite the audience to do something after listening to the speech. This can be a specific call to action (CTA), such as visiting a website or signing up for a newsletter.

4. Say thank you.

After delivering your speech, close by thanking the audience for their attention and time. Apart from that, you can also thank those who helped in preparing the speech.

5. Use interesting words.

Use strong and inspiring words to close your speech. This can help to leave a positive and unforgettable impression on the audience. This includes closing with a rhyme as shown above.