This seemingly trivial business can actually be a job for at least 50 people.

  15 Mei 2024 22:25 - In this world there are many professions or jobs that can be chosen based on interests or preferences. Such as in the health sector by becoming a doctor or nurse, as well as in the service and culinary sectors which are often sought after because of their promising career opportunities.

However, of the many jobs currently available, it turns out there are jobs that are quite unique. Like the job chosen by a man named Santo who went viral recently. Santo opens a service that is quite unique, namely being ready to be asked to do whatever he can do.

This man even has TikTok and Instagram social media with the account name @suruh_santo. He revealed that he provides various services that customers need, from buying food to cleaning the house. Consumers can contact him via the WhatsApp application.

Saint's unique profession accepts any ordering service  various sources

photo: YouTube/Nugroho Triko Pramono

"Manual delivery services via WhatsApp are like shopping, buying food, buying goods, cleaning the house," he said when he was a guest star on YouTube, Nugroho Triko Pramono.

Not only that, Santo also provides services for wedding events. Starting from being a parking attendant, receiving guests, washing dishes, even transporting goods . Santo said he was ready to do any work needed by consumers.

"In the parking lot, receiving guests, washing dishes, cleaning dishes, transporting dishes. Whatever your wishes ask us to do, we are there. So full service for that event," he explained.

The services he offers don't just happen. Santo also told about the beginning of building a business to receive any services. Initially, he was just a gallon trader. When he was about to deliver, one of the consumers asked him to buy food. He also thought about building this business.

Saint's unique profession accepts any ordering service  various sources

photo: Instagram/@suruh_santo

"Initially in the gallon business, people all wanted to ask me. He wanted to entrust me with buying food, shopping, cleaning up. From there I thought, 'why not just create an errand service'. I opened up to a lot of people who were interested," he explained.

Now Santo's messenger service business is growing, he is able to employ several of his friends. It is said that now he has 50 people helping him with his work. Santo sets rates based on the complexity of the task the consumer assigns to him.

"I couldn't afford it. Finally I invited a friend. Now we have 50 members. We are easy to contact, faster and can also entrust others. The cost depends on the distance. We shop prices, we just postage. So it's much cheaper," he added.

Before developing as it is now, Santo opened unique services for residents around his house in the Pondokgede area. Now, he can reach outside his house complex.

"Initially Duta Indah Jatimakmur Pondok Gede, first the complex environment. As we get here, we are already outside the complex. It is quite spacious. The important thing is that we are still reaching it, we are working on it," he added.

The most unique thing is that Santo said he was once asked to bury a hedgehog and cut a bird's nails. Santo happily fulfilled the customer's orders. However, that doesn't mean Santo's business always runs smoothly. He admitted that he once received a fictitious order that made him cry.

Saint's unique profession accepts any ordering service  various sources

photo: Instagram/@suruh_santo

"In any business there are definitely risks. At first the person was shocked and cried. Over time he got used to it and became more careful, the point is that if you start a business there are definitely risks," wrote Santo accompanying his upload.

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