Islamic pantun is a traditional form of poetry that contains moral messages and wise advice based on the teachings of the Islamic religion.

  15 Mei 2024 09:25 - Pantun is one of the unique things in Indonesian tradition and culture. Rhymes are often used at sacred and important events in traditions, especially the Malay tribe.

Pantun is a traditional Malay poem which consists of four lines with an abab rhyme pattern. Pantun is known for its ability to convey messages in a beautiful and rhythmic way.

The first and second lines are called sampiran, usually containing metaphors or natural images, while the third and fourth lines are called contents, which contain the meaning or message to be conveyed. The beauty of pantun lies in the harmonious play of words and rhythm, so it is often used in various traditional and cultural events.

Purpose of Pantun

The purposes of rhymes are very diverse. However, in general, the purpose of pantun is to convey a message. For example, advice, moral messages wrapped in subtle language and methods. Apart from that, pantun has the aim of entertaining with its rhyme and rhythm. Not infrequently, pantun is also used to express the feelings felt by the poet.

One of the pantuns that is often heard at sacred events, such as religion, is Islamic pantun - a traditional form of poetry that contains moral messages and wise advice based on the teachings of the Islamic religion. This Islamic pantun not only functions as entertainment, but also as an effective medium for preaching to convey religious values.

The following are several examples of Islamic rhymes that contain advice and have deep meaning for life, as reported by from various sources, Tuesday (14/5).

Islamic poetry is full of meaning

Islamic poetry

Islamic poetry

1. Villagers are digging the ground
The deceased's body will be buried
So people must be trustworthy
Must continue to speak honestly.

2. At sunset, go to the surau
This afternoon there was a khataman
If you're studying, don't joke
Don't joke with friends.

3. Go to the village to see wayang
Then go home to watch acrobatics
Obedient wife, loving husband
Be a blessing until the afterlife.

4. Hot peppers add coriander
Sweet honey from the bee
Respect the teacher who teaches
So that knowledge becomes a blessing.

5. The flowers are very beautiful
It's really beautiful to have bees
Don't mix acts of worship
With idolatry or heresy.

6. There is a keris in the chest
Made from teak wood
Let's cultivate good manners
Hopefully there will be a harvest of charity in the afterlife.

7. Travel to Singapore
Sit back and relax at the old port
Don't care what people say
As long as it is true according to religion.

8. The city of Bogor has a lot of taro
Many girls are peeling
Doing good must be sincere
Don't expect people to reply.

9. Come home from school in the afternoon
Go home from school via the edge of the rice fields
Friday was full of blessings
Increase your worship.

10. In the morning go to the rice fields
Many farmers in the middle of the rice fields
Pray more
Friday was full of blessings.

11. Hot day, hot body
How refreshing it is to drink nipah
Even if you are tired, don't give up
Life is for worship.

12. It's good for Mama to go to the market
It's really nice to laugh out loud
Get up at dawn
Pay the morning patiently.

13. There is a song called Bang Toyib
Didn't you go home or did you die as a martyr?
Hear the sound of the evening call to prayer
Immediately go to the mosque.

14. May the flowers bloom more
The fragrant smell has already bloomed
May this Friday be a blessing

15. Very hungry before noon
It's so hot there are shadows
Religion is upright because of the pillar
The pillar is prayer.

16. Go to the market to buy tomatoes
Stop by the shop to buy sandals
Living a long time without praying regularly
I've buried it and I'm sorry.

17. Buy a bracelet at a gold shop
Buy tempeh from a tofu shop
Seek knowledge, don't be lazy
God is angry just now you know.

18. The rice has become porridge
Chicken porridge with lots of onions
Crying corpses in the grave
Remember the body never prays.

19.Travel to Kenya
Just keep eating bread
Worship only Him
Clean intentions, sincere.

20. There are lots of rich people
Always teach hope
Keep away from Riya
Sincere worship of the Almighty.

Islamic poems are full of meaning and contain wise advice

Islamic poetry

Islamic poetry

21. Unforgettable beautiful scenery
Very beautiful full of light
The four books of God's revelation
As a servant must believe

22. A tree with lush leaves
The leaves are thick and there is no fruit
Even if you live a thousand years
If you don't worship, what's the point?

23. Sangkuriang Dayang Sumbi
Stories from early Sundanese
When far from the Prophet's Sunnah
Lost mind, lost body

24. Go to the farm with dad
Hoes and sickles are brought along
Even though the world is hard
Believe in God and be safe

25. To Baitullah in the Holy Land
Come there to say goodbye
God Almighty
Don't forget His power every moment

26. Watch a cool movie with a weapon
What is the power of nail clippers?
God is not a train station
The one who comes in times of need and confusion

27. Wrap the wound with a bandage
A good bandage covers the wound
Let's strengthen faith
Get the pleasure of the Almighty

28. A student asked
Interesting and answered by the teacher
God's love is priceless
Bless us at all times

29. Virgin dove
Fly high and far away
If you want to be entertained
Remember God is Merciful

30. After studying, go to kobong
There is a couch in the cocoon
So people don't be arrogant
Arrogance is the devil's friend

31. Young jackfruit fried in fat
Ripe keranji fruit stuck
Don't be greedy for worldly wealth
When death does not follow

32. There are many partitions at school
But this partition is not in the cave
Don't forget to learn about angels
As the embodiment of the second pillar of Faith

33. Don't like to slander people
People who hate God are angry
Do not neglect prayer
When you die you go to hell

34. A sparrow whistling on a branch
Mom made pickles
Reading the Qur'an is God's command
That's where wisdom shines

35. Flying deer walking
The wind came storming
Repeat the memorized sentence
To be stored in the chest

36. Go to the galangal garden
Don't forget to plant kuaci
God's knowledge is vast
Learning never ends

37. Meet a close friend
At Mr. Yahud's shop
After the obligatory prayer
Try duha and tahajud

38. Soft sand from the sieve
Leftovers in a pile under the stairs
Who is enough with the Qur'an?
Guide the soul to heaven

39. Really expensive gemstones
Searched by ancient people
May love grow in the heart
Against the noble Prophet

40. The rice fields are very fertile
The soil is also very loose
Stay away from arrogance
Envy must be buried

Islamic poems that teach not to be arrogant

Islamic poetry

Islamic poetry

41. In this class don't forget to bring a mat
Later, give the cake to the general class
People often misunderstand sincerity
Many are arrogant in public

42. There is a cat chasing a mouse
Tortoises walk slowly
Don't be greedy
If you die, your property will not be taken

43. Road to Kenya
Keep eating rice
Worship only to Him
Pure intention, sincere heart

44. King is brave and powerful
The admiral went to war
So as not to regret in the heart
Don't let people fool you

45. Borrow mom's toothbrush
Have it yourself it turns out to be in the drawer
Why praise religion?
If you are arrogant and hate each other

46. Body aches from sleeping on the mattress
Woke up at five o'clock
So the person should be honest
So that we can be rewarded

47. In Bali there are many Gates
The gate is an old model
Don't care what people say
True identity according to religion

48. Sumatra island, Kalimantan island
The island of Bali, the island of Sumba
Let's pray five times a day
The main pillar of religion

49. There are leftovers of cooking brisket
Spilled when nudged by Juju's neighbor's cat
Yesterday I promised to pray before going to bed
Today I slept without changing my clothes

50. Daytime walks
It's hot during the day
Work hard every day
Don't forget to pray

51. When fasting, don't make a fuss
Hungry eyes see, but the heart remains firm
Halal snacks, not weird ones
So that sustenance runs smoothly, not until a strike is persevering

52. Birds fly in space
Take off the plane
Do not sin
Because you will run aground

53. Knowledgeable scholars are like stars in the sky
Lighter of the way, in the past life
Don't be arrogant, stay humble
God is always with those who sincerely do

54. A sincere heart, like a gem
Grateful to God, never tired
Devoted to worship, like a bee in a flower
Enjoy life, don't take it too seriously

55. Faithful and grateful, like a jackpot
No need for coins, just a sincere heart
Islam is simple, not complicated mathematics
The way to heaven, through the clear gate

56. This world is temporary, like the crescent moon
Keep spinning, never stop ticking
But Islam is like a star in the sky
The light is bright, never goes out

57. In the morning, wake up from a dream
Islam is a religion full of love
Faith and piety, so hold the heart
Our sins are forgiven by Almighty God

58. Walks around the village
Don't forget to stop by the rice fields
It's okay to have fun
But don't forget to worship

59. Meet a close friend
At Mr. Yahud's shop
After the obligatory prayer
Try duha and tahajud

60. So people don't like to get angry
If you are angry with others, you will be hurt
Everyone prays in congregation
Because the rewards are many

Islamic poetry invites goodness

Islamic poetry

Islamic poetry

61. Instead of being arrogant and jealous
We'd better be friendly
Instead of praying alone
It's better to pray together

62. Take a trip to the old town
Don't forget to buy dragon fruit
Don't fight your parents
If you want to go to heaven

63. The beautiful sound of a bekisar chicken
He landed on the fence
Mother's love is very great
Fight for your child firmly

64. Eat meatballs with Zaki
Eat at Mr Somat's stall
For us men
Let's perform Friday prayers

65. Buy snapper in Pati city
Go to the market by cart
Be wise and kind
Like the kind Abu Bakr

66. Mom bought souvenirs
Don't forget to buy safety pins
If you are a pious child
Let's worship and be humble

67. Fishermen rowing canoes
Spread the nets on the edge of the sea
If you love the Koran
Read, understand and practice

68. Eat bread for breakfast
In the afternoon, eat sushi
Make prayer as medicine for the heart
Calm to reduce emotions

69. There is a needle on the board
Wooden boards do not sink
Assalamualaikum as a greeting
Melodious greeting in Muslims

70. Go to the river to fish
Small arowana fish
I say hello
Assalamu'alaikum everyone present

71. A fragrant flower blooms
The tomatoes look ripe
Assalamualaikum friends
May you be healthy and always smile

72. Far island from Malacca
Go on a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca
With Bismillah the event opened
May everyone be blessed

73. Stars twinkle at night
It's very beautiful when it falls
Receive beautiful greetings in Islam
Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings

74. The sun's light is very hot
The body is very hot
Be careful not to commit shirk
You might end up in hell

75. If you are thirsty, drink immediately
Rather than later your body will have a fever
When I say assalamualaikum
Please answer waalaikumsalam

76. After drinking the container is placed
Don't forget to express gratitude and prayer
I say Assalamualaikum
How are you dear friend

77. The Village Head is in a meeting
Because people have problems
If you are an obedient person
Follow the instructions of the Prophet Muhammad

78. Buy clothes at Bukalapak
Then transfer to the city of Cimahi
If you love mom and dad
That is proof of your love for Allah

79. The little hairy caterpillar
Perched on the branches
Muhammad is the messenger of all people
Also the Prophet of the end times

80. City of Mecca City of Medina
Fulfill the promise to fulfill His call
Live your life according to the Sunnah
Binding love according to His law

Islamic poetry about piety

81. Don't give me gifts too often
It's better to give me certainty
That certainty is marriage
Not just talk and talk

82. Planting rice in swamp land
Baby bird dies in entanglement
Pure love along with piety
To be happy until the afterlife

83. Black and white panda body
Climb a bamboo, the bamboo breaks
Islamic dating does not exist
Because love comes after marriage

84. The west wind begins to be felt
Climb to the roof using the ladder
Keep your private parts open
Fortune comes unexpectedly

85. How delicious it is to eat sweet potatoes
Half cooked roasted sweet potato
Marriage is the sunnah of the Prophet
Love blooms full of blessings

86. There is a king and there is a governor
Working together never gets tired
O girl in the white robe
Accept me as your priest

87. Papaya fruit is red
Split two for neighbors
The Koran is like light
Light the way to heaven

88. Bananas, grapes
Sweet and delicious taste
Before you go to sleep
Do not forget to pray

89. Who likes to see the ark
Just go to the port
Who wants to live happily
Use the Koran as a guide

90. To Solo to meet Mas Danu
Mas Danu bought sugar cane
Quickly get some water and perform ablution
It's time for the Fajr call to prayer

91. From childhood you plant seeds
When it grows up it becomes a tree
Since childhood, he has been diligent in studying the Koran
Be more firm in your faith

92. Go to the market to buy durian
It is located on the west route
Remember the Lord on the Sabbath
Another day carry out the mandate

93. Let's go to the rice fields
Farmers are working
Let's be diligent in worship
Don't wait until you're old

94. Woodpecker perched on a branch
Fly away to another tree
Life and death are in God's hands
It is to Allah that we pray

95. One o'clock in the afternoon coming home from school
I came home from school via the edge of the rice fields
Friday was indeed full of blessings
Always increase your devotion to worship

96. In the world market trading jokes
Bring faith and piety in your backpack
The mortal world, momentarily laughed
Eternal afterlife, don't get caught in a cell

97. Go to the fields with a lantern
Bring a tomato picking lantern
If you are old you want to be prosperous
Don't be wasteful, let's live frugally.

98. Today there is an eclipse
Sunnah prayer is a noble step
Come on, live simply
It's not luxurious as long as it's happy.

99. To the sea fishing
Fish content is very useful
The holy Qur'an has taught
Humble, frugal, simple.

100. Dark clouds will rain
The darker the darker the color
If three attitudes are practiced
Happily ever after.