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Doctors confirmed that no evidence of food was found in his intestines during the examination.

  15 Mei 2024 23:22 - A balanced diet is very important to get the energy needed to live daily life. So of course many are surprised by this woman's behavior. How could it not be, he admitted that he had not eaten or drank for 16 years.

An Ethiopian woman said she last ate food when she was 10 years old. Currently, the woman named Muluwork Ambaw is 26 years old. Ambaw remembers very well that the last food he consumed was red lentil soup.

At that moment, Ambaw's appetite simply disappeared. He didn't want to eat anything. When the family invited him to eat together, Ambaw always lied that he had eaten first. In the end, there was no other way but to tell the truth if all this time he really had no appetite.

not eating or drinking for 16 years  YouTube

photo: YouTube/@Drew Binsky

"I used to live with my family, and they asked me to have breakfast and go to school. I said I had eaten but I pretended. I lost my appetite for water or any food," he said, quoted by odditycentral.

Apart from not having to consume anything for 16 years, this young woman also admitted that she had never used the toilet in that time. Because, he felt he didn't need to remove anything from his body. The only reason he went to the bathroom was when he was showering.

This story from Ambaw went viral after being visited by Drew Binsky. A tourist who was visiting Ethiopia at that time. Binsky immediately decided to meet with Ambaw and make a video. Then, the video went viral.

not eating or drinking for 16 years  YouTube

photo: YouTube/@Drew Binsky

Previously, Ambaw's name was also in the public spotlight in 2016. Rumors circulated that there was a girl who could survive without eating or drinking. Many TV reporters have also come to the village where Ambaw lives to cover and document this strange case.

Even without eating or drinking, Ambaw reportedly has a normal life, is in good health, and has the energy to carry out daily tasks. He even had to cook for other people and run various errands. He has undergone medical tests many times. Although no one could confirm whether he was telling the truth, a doctor confirmed that there was indeed no evidence of food in his intestines upon examination.

In 2021, Ethiopian news blog Borkena announced that Ambaw was scheduled to undergo an examination by doctors in Dubai. In his interview with Drew Binsky, Ambew admitted that the doctor did not find anything wrong with him.

"I have nothing to say. It's God's work and I just accept it," Ambaw said.

not eating or drinking for 16 years  YouTube

photo: YouTube/@Drew Binsky

Previously, there were people who managed to break records by surviving without food for some time. However, the Ambaw case is truly special because it survived for a long time. According to Guinness Records, the longest time a person has ever gone without food or drink is 18 days. Meanwhile, Ambaw did it for 16 years.

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