Limericks can be a great way to lighten the mood.

  20 Mei 2024 15:25 - Pantun is an old type of poetry that consists of four lines in each stanza, and has an abab rhyme pattern. Pantun usually has two parts, namely the sampiran and the content. The first two lines are called sampiran, which usually contain descriptions of nature or daily life that are not directly related to the main message. The last two lines are called the content, which contains the meaning or message that the rhyme maker wants to convey.

There are many kinds of rhymes, such as advice rhymes , humorous rhymes, love rhymes, religious rhymes, riddle rhymes, children's rhymes, praise rhymes and many more. However, if you need a rhyme to lighten the mood, you can use a 4-line limerick.

A 4-line limerick is a concise form of poetry consisting of four lines with an abab rhyme pattern, which aims to entertain and make people laugh. These rhymes often contain humor, whether through word play, light sarcasm, or absurd situations. Even though they are short, limericks are able to convey humorous messages effectively, making listeners or readers feel happy and entertained.

The 4 line limerick is often used in social situations to strengthen bonds between individuals or groups . 4 line limericks allow people to share laughter and fun together, creating pleasant memories and deepening relationships between individuals.

So, want to know more about 4 line limericks? Below, summarizes from various sources, Monday, (20/5), 45 4-line limericks to make the atmosphere more fun, guaranteed to keep laughing.

Limerick 4 lines.

Limerick 4 lines


1. Kittens in the boat
sailed to Jakarta
My sister laughed out loud
Seeing a monkey wearing glasses

2. Layer cake in a box
The cake was bought at the squat market
Dad laughed out loud
Seeing a monkey smoking a cigarette

3. What a big rhinoceros animal
If you stagger
Grandma burst out laughing
Seeing grandfather playing TikTok

4. Imam is not just any priest
Imam who came from Java
Black is not just any black
Sweet black looks like laughter

5. Javanese people go to Banda
Buy fish with bamboo shoots
Old man married young
Like the feeling of winning and fighting

6. Sasak people go to Bali
Bring all the lamps
Whispering deafeningly
The blind man laughed when he saw it

7. The mango tree looks beautiful
Grows well near bamboo trees
It's great that my sister reads
Writing upside down never knows

8. Butterflies fly across
Perch sucks wilted flowers
The heart inside is worried
Seeing a fish reading a book

9. Kaffir limes on the edge of the swamp
The star fruit is not yet ripe
Stomach ache from laughing
Seeing a cat sitting powdered

10. Go to the market to buy scissors
Don't forget to buy ribbon
The mother cat was very surprised
Saw a rat on a train

11. Broken the horns of the mother cow
Jumping across the embankment running around
The hunter sat restlessly
Seeing deer running around

12. Here it's empty there it's empty
No tobacco sticks
I'm not telling a lie
There is a frog carrying a buffalo

13. Mangosteen tree on the edge of the swamp
A place where bees store honey
While crying, grandma laughed
Seeing grandfather playing gundu

14. Eat sunflower seeds in the morning
Don't eat it with the skin
How are you?
One plus one time is not possible

15. There are stripes on the salak fruit
The taste in the mouth doesn't irritate
Who doesn't want to laugh
Seeing monkeys come to the market

16. Shaking lime stems
Tied javelin near kendil
Shaking tiger bones
Seeing a goat carrying a rifle

17. There are stripes on the salak fruit
The taste in the mouth doesn't irritate
Who doesn't want to laugh
Seeing monkeys come to the market

18. There are many grasshoppers on the grass
In the water there are betta fish
How incredibly happy
Bald head asks to be braided

19. King Ibrahim went to palagan
King Gadomai to Mecca
Crazy about fried chicken
Got the wisdom of red money

20. Take a walk to the edge of the pond
Found a frog on the edge of the pond
Whose heart doesn't worry?
You're bald, asking for braids

Funny 4 line limerick.

Limerick 4 lines


21. Flooded in the Range
Rub with pepper leaves
If master dies first
Wait for me at the gates of heaven

22. Go to the market to buy petai
Pete cooked very bitter
My sister laughed amusedly seeing grandfather
His teeth fell out after eating bread

23. Beautiful walk through the old city
The left and right have spongy trunks
It's good to marry your parents
Full stomach teachings can be

24. Go gardening and pick avocados
Avocados are eaten standing up
Miss came closer and closer
Making a big noise makes me run

25. Take a carriage to Jepara
Don't forget to bring a measuring tape
Who doesn't laugh
See Sitobak wants to shave

26. Go up the hill to buy pepper
One pepper, cut into seven pieces
What's so powerful about being married to a widow?
Stepchildren can be ordered

27. Inanga flower langsat flower
Paduka Malin's flower toy
The poor become rich
Like a stump with a ring

28. Seriding fish
Arriving on the bone is delicious too
Elok married a cleft man
Even though he was angry he laughed too

29. Star fruit, mangosteen fruit
The chocolate fruit is as big as a tree
I laughed until I cried
Seeing my brother being chased by a chicken

30. Ships sail in the Java Sea
The captain gave a thumbs up
My sister cried and then laughed
Seeing that my sister was still wetting the bed

31. The clock is ticking aimlessly
Eyes glanced at Benjut's head
Whose child likes to be angry
Eyes bulging like a clown

32. Dragonfly high in the clouds
Fly with its wings
Whose child sits on the backrest
Beautiful face and good manners

33. Dead lizard surrounded by ants
The quail flew to the awa
Whose heart is not connected?
Seeing a frog wearing a fishnet necklace

34. Nice walk in the old town
Left and right have bamboo trunks
My friend really spoke well
Tired ears don't want to know

35. The guava tree has thick leaves
The branches were cut and the fruit fell
I got dizzy seeing his behavior
Keep going even though it's far

Fun 4 line limerick.

Limerick 4 lines


36. Yogyakarta is the city of birth
Full of wine and fond of knowledge
The smile was also surprising
Seeing a cat in a blue shirt

37. Hang Abuh hunts lions
The lion was shot by the hunter
Whose heart won't laugh
Grandma ran away, chased by mother

38. Here is a house, there is a house
There's nothing left in the middle
It's hard for me to see no behavior
Bad sister, useless brother

39. You can do it here, you can do it there
Nobody said hello
I'm not saying delirious
There is a zebra carrying a horse

40. Here it's empty there it's empty
None of the children said a word
I'm not telling a lie
Guava trees bear passion fruit

41. Chinese children go to recite the Koran
Study diligently about Allah
Really clever friend to praise
Can have heart palpitations

42. I'll try to go to Delhi
Noni fruit is cheap
I'll try to hold my heart
There is a blue goat in his hat

43. The smell of jasmine flowers is fragrant
My sister picked it with the stem
Everyone was amused
Seeing cows riding horses

44. Want to eat without rice
There is no rice, no side dishes
Fear disappears, courage emerges
Dream of walking on a tower

45. The mason sharpens the saw
Get some water at the edge there
I never understood
A powdered horse

Tips for making a 4 line limerick.

Creating a limerick requires a touch of humor and clever use of words. For brilliant friends who are curious, here are tips for making a 4 line limerick.

1. Decide on a funny theme.

Choose a theme or situation that has the potential to elicit laughter. For example, funny everyday incidents, absurd events, or the unique properties of an object.

2. Use word play.

Make use of puns, homonyms, or synonyms to add a humorous aspect to the rhyme. Try playing with double meanings or variations in the meaning of the words used.

3. Create interesting contrast

Create a contrast between the sampiran and the content of the rhyme to increase the humorous effect. The sharp difference between the two parts of the pantun will make the reader or listener surprised and laugh.

4. Pay attention to rhyme and rhythm.

Make sure the rhyme has a consistent rhyme pattern (abab) and a rhythm that flows naturally. This will make the rhyme sound more pleasant and easy to remember.

5. Avoid offensive sarcasm.

Even though the purpose of a limerick is to make people laugh, avoid using sarcasm or humor that offends or hurts other people's feelings.

6. Create a twist or punchline in the last row

Put a surprising twist or punchline in the last line of the poem to make the reader or listener laugh out loud.