For those who live in the area and are underprivileged, the school seems like a blessing from above.

  22 October 2015 17:58 - Faiz Fachrudin (35) is a member TABAH (Tim Advokasi Arus Bawah or Undercurrent Advocate Team) whose law firm helps marginalized people in Yogyakarta. One of their most well-known activity is creating the Gajah Wong School in Ledhok Timoho and area of Yogyakarta city.

Gajah Wong School was established 5 years ago and it came as a fresh breeze that improved the quality of life for many that lives in Ledhok Timoho. “To break the chains of poverty, a good quality education system should exist. It is with this education that future generations will be better than we are now,” said Fariz when he was met by, Saturday (22/8).

The school for now only focuses pre-school and kindergarten for children at the age of 3-7 years old. Currently, it has 38 students and 5 teachers. The students study from Monday to Saturday starting from 8.00 to 11.00 a.m.

Gajah Wong is a community-based school and does not burden the students’ parents for tuition fees. To cover operational costs, the school has a “garbage” program and also goat breeding for the students. “Half of the garbage gathered by the students is sold and the other half will be used as a media for learning,” said Faiz.

Even though it’s a free school, Faiz attempts to involve both students and their parents in the daily activities. “For the mothers of the students, we’ve created a picket schedule for them to clean the school in turns,” said Faiz. Parents who are willing can also get a class on Saturdays on second and fourth weeks of each month. The materials given is about parenting.

Reporter: Aprilia Nurohmah

Many social and mutual cooperation values can be learned from Faiz’s experience establishing a school for the underprivileged. In the end Faiz himself hopes that the Gajah Wong School can last for the long time and show the world that schooling is no longer a matter of profits.



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