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After the vinyl resurrection, will cassettes make another comeback?

Tunggul Kumoro   29 May 2017 13:30

If you're an 80s or early 90s kid who doesn't know what to do with your pile of old school cassette collection besides playing them on your old-fashioned tape deck, we have something for you.

Meet the Elbow: a no-frills cassette player and sequel to the Walkman.

Introduced by a lithuanian-based audiovisual art organization BrainMonk, Elbow's design is rather more straighforward than a traditional cassette player. The device relies only a single pulley to run the tape, with the playback speed tracked by an optical sensor.

Photo: elbow.co.nf

Photo: elbow.co.nf

Then there's the biaxial arm that enablse you to switch sides to change playback without flipping the tape. The Elbow's battery is charged through a mini USB port, and a charge may not take much time considering it's simple mechanism.

Elbow is just prototype for now, but it could be in production soon.



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