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'Cause wearing glasses is not always fun.

Petra Hapsari   06 July 2017 11:00

Do you have nearsighted eyes? Nearsighted eyes or also known as myopia usually occurs to youth and even to kids around 8 to 12 of age.

It is indeed disturbing, especially when you want to read what your teacher write on the whiteboard or when you want to check the street signs, but you just can't.

Basically, some people might have eye problem as they get older. However, others might have it due to genetic disorders or reading habits.

Myopia occurs due to the length of the eyeball or cornea that curves too steep. It makes light that is supposed to fall right in the retina, falls in front of the retina instead.

So far, those having myopia are recommended to wear glasses or contact lenses. They indeed help you to see clearly, yet it does not mean they can reduce your minus numbers.

Wait a minute, can we reduce our minus number?

Yes, and you can do it through laser eye surgery. There are three kinds of laser eye surgery:

1. Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)

The laser is meant to remove thin layer on the surface of the cornea so that light coming to the eyes can be focused.

2. Laser ephiletial keratomileusis (LASEK)

It is almost the same with PRK procedure, but they use alcohol to loosen the surface of the cornea so that it will be easier to move or change the position.

3. Laser in situ keratectomy (LASIK)

This procedure is almost similar to LASEK, but LASIK changes the shape of cornea to enable eyes to catch the light normally.

LASEK or LASIK are the most used methods as people find it more effective to reduce the minus number.

Is there any other way to prevent myopia?

To keep your eyes normal, you can do these:

- Consume food containing vitamins and minerals such as food with vitamin A.

- Check your eyes to doctor regularly.

- Protect your eyes from the sunlight.

- Prevent eye injury, for example by wearing glasses during an exercise or activity that might make you exposed to smoke.

- Reduce eyestrain.


The article was previously published in and all medical data have been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


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