Image: Acroyoga Photo Exhibition PENYogastar

Do it for your health or do it for the 'gram. You choose.

Petra Hapsari   30 May 2017 15:00

Acroyoga has become a new trend among Indonesian celebrities lately, especially those who like to post their poses on Instagram.

But, what is acroyoga?

Simply said, acroyoga is a physical exercises combining acrobatic movements and yoga. It also has health benefits as it can help you relax, build muscles, and even lose weights.

The difference from other kinds of yoga is that acroyoga includes a lot of acrobatic movements which does not only help the performers to relax but also to stretch, build muscle and improve the body performance.

As a bonus, when you do acroyoga, you can do amazing poses that you can proudly take pictures or videos of and post on instagram.

Just check out these pictures of celebrities who have tried it:

1. Titi DJ

Image: Acroyoga Photo Exhibition PENYogastar

2. Carissa Putri

Image: Acroyoga Photo Exhibition PENYogastar

3. Wanda Hamidah


Image: Acroyoga Photo Exhibition PENYogastar

4. Pevita Pearce

5. Andien



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