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The motorcycles only serve to reach patient needing immediate first aid, not for evacuation.

Tunggul Kumoro   15 June 2017 11:30

The Ministry of Health promised to increase the number ambulances to provide better health services during this year's mudik season.

Beside the conventional emergency transportation, the ministry is preparing to deploy several units of motorcycle ambulances.

"To optimize the health service, we deploy two-wheeled vehicles equipped with a medical equipment," said the ministry's Health Services Director Bambang Wibowo at the Health Ministry building, South Jakarta, Wednesday.

The motorcycle ambulances will be modified with a rotary lamp, sirene as well as an emergency box that carries tension gauges, stethoscopes, thermometers, oxygen cylinders and medicines.

"The motorcycles only serve to reach patient who need immediate first aid, not for evacuation," said Bambang.

The deployment of these vehicles will be focused on the most traffic-congested routes, including Brebes (54 units), Pemalang (8 units), Tegal (17 units) and Batang (22 units).    

People who need the assistance of a motorcycle ambulance should contact 119 that will direct them to National Command Centre of the Health Ministry.


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