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Don't let your Idul Fitri holiday lead to excessive weight gain and rising cholesterol level.

Petra Hapsari   29 June 2017 09:52

For most of you, it's still Idul Fitri holiday, meaning that after all of those opor ayam and rendang, you'd still have a lot of chance to binge-eat so much food, be it the culinary specialty of your hometown, or the latest cool food at your holiday destination at the moment.

Yes, food is good. Food is amazing, in fact. But, most great dishes are high of carbohydrate and fat, they might lead into post-Idul Fitri diseases.

How to prevent it? Follow these three healthy formulas:

1. Control your appetite

Just because you were fasting for a month, doesn’t mean you can just eat whatever you want during Idul Fitri holiday. Control your appetite and eat based on your daily calorie needs.

Counting daily calorie need is easy enough:

  • Men      : 30 kkal x body weight
  • Women : 25 kkal x body weight

To deal with excessive appetite, you can eat appetizers.

You can eat an apple along with its skin since it can help you to control your appetite. If you do not really like apple, you can eat other water-rich fruits such as watermelon, melon or papaya.

Fruits with vitamin C such as orange can also neutralize fat you’ve consumed.

2. Eat with “3 Exacts”

As choosing the right food can be a challenge during Idul Fitri holiday, there is “3 Exacts” you need to do:

  • Exact time

Eat at the exact time when you are eating daily. Eat main dishes 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and you can eat snacks twice at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is better to have high-fiber snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

The function of eating snacks is to let the stomach not to be empty to prevent eating too much during main meals.

Also, try not to eat at every house you visit during silaturrahmi. Have a commitment to be discipline and you can celebrate Idul Fitri happily and safely.

  • Exact amount

The amount of food we are recommended to consume by nutritionists:

  1. Carbohydrate : 45% - 60% of total daily calories intake.
  2. Fat                : 20% - 25% of total daily calories intake.
  3. Protein           : 10% - 20% of total daily calories intake.
  4. Fiber              : > 25 gram/day
  5. Salt                : max. 3000 gram

If you find it hard to count, you can just take various food with balance composition and put them in a small plate. It is meant to prevent you from taking too much food. It is better to take a small portion of food but frequent than eat in a big portion at once.

  • Exact kinds

Since you might have a lot of choices for food, try to choose based on the nutrient contents. Prevent too spicy and sour food since they can increase gastric acid levels.

It is better to choose boiled or grilled foods rather than the fried or the ones full of coconut milk — yes, we're looking at you, delicious rendang. Food with a lot of coconut milk might increase your cholesterol which leads into nausea, headache, neck pain or abdominal pain.

Limit your salty food and sweet drink consumption. Avoid caffeine and alcohol and also various innards which can increase your uric acid.

Try to consume more water.

3. Healthy silaturrahmi

Idul Fitri holiday is the right moment to bond a good relation with family and relatives. During this time, you can maintain your health by walking to their houses which are not too far from your place instead of riding bike or car.

Try to smile a lot since it will stimulate your endorphin, a hormone which can create a happy feeling.

Do not forget your body limit. Get a rest as soon as you feel tired with enough sleep time.

These three health formulas are easy to follow and guarantee you a happy and healthy body during Idul Fitri.


The article was previously published in and all medical data have been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.



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