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So that if you want to use it again, the pan will be clean again in a short time.

  3 April 2024 07:00 - There are various ways to cook rice, one of which is by relying on a rice cooker. Not without reason, cooking rice using a rice cooker is indeed practical. Just press the "cook" button, the tool will cook the rice automatically without having to stir it.

The resulting rice will be fluffy and perfectly cooked. Unfortunately, cooking rice in a rice cooker still has its own problems. For example, rice residue often sticks to the inside of the rice cooker pan .

Cleaning the remaining rice in the rice cooker pan is actually a homework in itself. The reason is, the remaining rice hardens so that the texture is dry and hard. Like it or not, you have to brush it as hard as you can.

However, if you brush vigorously, the coating on the rice cooker pan is at risk of peeling off. As a solution, a number of people deliberately soak the rice cooker pan in water overnight. As a result, the remaining crust of rice will peel off by itself. Unfortunately, this method is not effective if you are in a hurry to cook rice again.

Well, a netizen with the Instagram account name @rumah_shahia showed another method that you can practice when cleaning the rice cooker pan. At the beginning of the video, he shows the appearance of his rice cooker pan which appears to be filled with rice crusts .

Quick trick to remove rice crust in the rice cooker pan.

crusty rice cooker pan  2024

photo: Instagram/@rumah_shahia

Instead of soaking it in water overnight, this netizen has his own way to quickly remove crusty rice. No kidding, the rice cooker pan is clean again in just 1 minute, you know.

The first step, pour enough dish soap into the rice cooker pan. After that, add boiling water to it until it soaks all the rice crusts.

crusty rice cooker pan  2024

photo: Instagram/@rumah_shahia

Without needing to soak, just gently scrape off the rice crust using a rice ladle. Because it is exposed to hot water, the rice crust is easy to peel off.

"Don't be hard so that the non-stick doesn't get scratched," he explained, quoted by BrilioFood from Instagram @rumah_shahia on Tuesday (2/4).

crusty rice cooker pan  2024

photo: Instagram/@rumah_shahia

In a matter of seconds, the rice crust was all lifted. Throw it away, then wash the rice cooker pan with dish soap as usual. Finally, rinse the rice cooker pan with running water. Within a minute, the rice cooker pan is clean again and can be used straight away.

crusty rice cooker pan  2024

photo: Instagram/@rumah_shahia

An easy way to add more dish soap.

Here are some easy ways to stock up on dish soap.

1. Mix with water.

Add water to the almost empty bottle of dish soap. By adding water, you can increase the amount of soap available in the bottle.

2. Use additional ingredients.

You can also add other ingredients such as baking soda or baking soda to dishwashing soap. This can help clean grease and dirt more effectively, so you don't need to use as much soap.

3. Use spray equipment.

Invest in a spray bottle with a mixture of dish soap and water. By using this spray, you can control the amount of soap used and ensure more economical use.

4. Use high quality soap.

High-quality dish soap is generally thicker and more effective at cleaning, so you don't need to use as much soap to achieve the same results.

5. Use a foam blanket.

Use a foam blanket or textured sponge to create more lather with less soap. This will help you clean your dishes more efficiently without having to use a lot of soap.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the dish soap package and not use too much or too little. Using too much soap can cause residue that is difficult to clean, while using too little can reduce cleaning effectiveness.

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