You can also wash the mattress and dry it regularly in the sun.

  9 Mei 2024 12:02 - Bed bugs are pests that often cause health problems. This small parasite that lives in mattresses causes itchy skin and allergic reactions in some people. In addition, bed bugs can also carry bacteria and viruses that can cause more serious health problems.

So, to prevent further health problems, you must immediately remove the lice that are already on the mattress. One way to do this is to wash the mattress and regularly dry it in the sun. This is considered to be able to kill bed bugs and make them less likely to nest.

However, apart from washing and drying it , some people usually put camphor on several sides of the mattress. Unfortunately, sometimes mothballs can't really reach all parts of the mattress. Therefore, there is still the potential for fleas to nest and reproduce,

So, to make it more effective, you can get rid of bed bugs like YouTube user MIFTAH CHANNEL did. Through one of the uploaded videos, he admitted that he only used simple ingredients, one of which came from the kitchen.

An effective trick to get rid of bed bugs using 1 kitchen ingredient.

Reported by BrilioFood from YouTube MIFTAH CHANNEL on Thursday (9/5), the ingredients used to eliminate bed bugs are citrus and carbolic acid (non-detergent cleaning fluid that contains disinfectant). Meanwhile, the kitchen ingredient used is table vinegar.

trick to get rid of bed bugs using vinegar  YouTube


So, prepare a container or basin first. Then pour in enough carbolic liquid. After that, pour in the table vinegar and half a sachet of powdered citrus. If so, pour in the water and stir all the ingredients until evenly mixed.

Next, transfer this liquid to a spray bottle. Then close the bottle and immediately spray this liquid into the corners of the mattress which often become nests for fleas. You can also spray this liquid directly onto bed bugs.

trick to get rid of bed bugs using vinegar  YouTube


Fleas that have been sprayed will usually die within seconds. Apart from that, the eggs in the nest can also be eradicated this way. This is because the liquid is very acidic.

The vinegar used as a mixture of ingredients also plays a big role in killing bed bugs, you know. Vinegar has acidic properties that can help kill bed bugs. Bed bugs are susceptible to acidic environments, even vinegar with a high enough acid concentration can damage bed bug cells, even in small amounts. In addition, vinegar also has antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria and fungus, which are often also problems associated with bed bug infestations.

trick to get rid of bed bugs using vinegar  YouTube


However, to prevent fleas from nesting again, you should also pay attention to your surroundings. According to YouTube user MIFTAH CHANNEL, the cleaning fluid must also be sprayed on the cot or under the mattress. Apart from that, also spray the liquid evenly throughout the room. Usually bed bugs can also contaminate other furniture, such as cupboards or tables.

"So it wasn't just the mattress that was treated like this. So the bed, everything in the room was sprayed," said YouTube MIFTAH CHANNEL further.

Tips for caring for your mattress so it is free from fleas and mites.

Taking good care of your mattress is the key to keeping your bed clean and healthy. Here are nine tips for caring for your mattress to keep it free from fleas and mites.

1. Use an anti-allergenic mattress cover.

Use an anti-allergenic mattress cover to protect the mattress from dust, mites and other dirt. Make sure the cover is made of a material that can keep out small insects.

2. Wash sheets regularly.

Wash bed linens, bed sheets and pillows in hot water at least once a fortnight to kill any mites and fleas that may be present.

3. Vacuum the mattress regularly.

Vacuum your mattress regularly to remove dust, mites and other dirt that can become a place for insects to live.

4. Dry the mattress under the sun.

Dry your mattress in the sun periodically to kill mites and bacteria that may be in it.

5. Use a mattress cleaner.

Use an effective mattress cleaner to rid the mattress of mites, fleas and other dirt. Make sure the product you use is safe for use on mattresses.

6. Avoid eating in bed.

Avoid the habit of eating in bed, because it can increase the risk of dirt and insects accumulating on the mattress.

7. Change the mattress regularly.

Replace your mattress every eight to ten years to ensure healthy and comfortable sleep.

8. Keep the bedroom clean.

Keep the bedroom clean in general, including sweeping and mopping the floor regularly to reduce dust and dirt.

9. Check and clean other furniture.

Check and clean other furniture in the bedroom, such as pillows, bolsters and carpets, regularly to prevent the buildup of dust and mites.