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This moment was like medicine for him after being hospitalized yesterday.

  17 Maret 2024 02:00

Brilio.net - Deddy Mahendra Desta recently celebrated his 47th birthday. This top Indonesian presenter has been flooded with congratulations from colleagues and followers on his social media. Desta also received congratulations from her three children, Megumi, Miskha and Miguel.

The video released by brilio.net from the TikTok account @destanyawho on Saturday (16/3) shows the children's affection and love for Desta as a father. This moment was like medicine for him after being hospitalized yesterday.

Desta received congratulations again  Instagram

photo: TikTok/@detanyawho

It's not just an ordinary greeting written on paper with various colors in it. However, it contained a prayer and hope from Megumi, Miskha, and Miguel which was full of meaning and succeeded in making netizens sad who saw it. Maybe you've seen Desta's interaction and closeness with her children on their YouTube channel Diary Trio Strong, which shares activities and funny moments between them.

Instead of the funny moments and beautiful memories written above, his children showed sincere love and affection for Desta. Full of emotion, like a child with an innocent and innocent nature, the child wrote his hope that Desta would quickly be united with the children's mother, Natasha Rizky. It is not a wish that can be easily granted and many netizens have left emotional comments on this TikTok upload.

"Happy birthday Dad! I hope you get well soon, live a long life, be reunited with your mother soon, and go to heaven. Amen :)" his son wrote on the paper.

"Happy bday dad, congratulations dad on reaching 47 years old, may dad always be loved by Allah," added another piece of paper.

Desta received congratulations again  Instagram

photo: TikTok/@detanyawho

This TikTok content upload in photo slide format has been watched by 172.3 thousand TikTok users and liked 13.6 thousand times. TikTok users don't forget to leave their feelings in the comments column.

Not a few people gave prayers and hopes for Desta and her children so that they would become pious and pious children. Just as written in the caption of the TikTok upload, "Pious children, Mr. Desta, masyaallah, hopefully your prayers will be answered," here are netizens' responses, guaranteed to make you read it too.

"Oh Allah...I'm touched. I hope Miskha Megumi's prayers will be answered by Allah, son...Amen," said the account @xyxy4839

"Whoever wrote it quickly united with mother, wow, I really cried when I read the letter, sir, it's sad," wrote the account @youlost_05

"megumi made me cry early in the morning," responded the account @rsmniy

"That must be Miskha who is praying for a speedy entry into heaven," said @babybahookie account

"I'm crying a lot," commented the account @pwlvjff