The two celebrities are at the center of plenty of gossip.

  27 Juli 2016 11:26 - It started with Ayus rude joke about the state of Raffi and Nagita Slavinas household (yeah, she went there). Now, people are saying Ayu and Raffi have been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes in The Netherlands.

Lets set the scene here.

Ayu Ting Ting, real name Ayu Rosmalina, is a 24-year-old dangdut singer whose stage name implies virginity, and if youve never seen dangdut - its pretty sexual. Shes also a divorcee who had a child five-and-a-half months after getting married and filed for divorce less than a month after giving birth.

Raffi Ahmad, 29, is a big-time TV presenter and singer whos also been in films and TV shows, and hes released a few albums - and he was caught up in a drug scandal in early 2013. Hes a bad boy, for sure - and as of 2014 hes married to Nagita Slavina, 28, a quadruple threat presenter, actor, singer and producer.

The two are co-hosts of Trans TVs Live With Raffi Ayu - a show thats been running for years.

So these two are both scandalous stars in their own right, but a cheater and a homewrecker, too?

Its the stuff of tabloid dreams! Twitter might actually crash if its true.

1. Very close friends

Raffi Ahmad & Ayu Tingting  2016

Can a heterosexual man and woman really be just good friends? The intimacy between Ayu and Raffi has been seen everywhere from the screen to social media. But that could just be natural for two people who are really good friends.

2. They co-host a tv show

Raffi Ahmad & Ayu Tingting  2016

The relationship between co-hosts is always the subject of speculation. The pair are frequently on screen together for Live With Raffi Ayu, and romance in front of the is a popular idea in Indonesian society. Still, theyve been on set together for years...

3. Theyre often pictured in each others personal space

Raffi Ahmad & Ayu Tingting  2016

Arm-in-arm, side-by-side - you name it, these two have posted a pic like that on social media. Thats always gonna to get the gossipers going.

4. Very intimate jokes

Raffi Ahmad & Ayu Tingting  2016

As mentioned before, Ayu told a joke implying Raffi and Nagitas relationship was coming to an end. But although it hasnt been getting as much attention, Raffi also publicly poked fun at Ayu for her failed marriage.




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