Malaysian designer Moto Guo has brought the male’s fashion show to a whole new level.

  29 Juni 2016 14:31 - The talented American singer/songwriter Alicia Keys has initiated the #NoMakeUp movement, in order to let the world see her face without a drop of makeup on as a stance against the pressures that women face while seeking the unattainable perfection that is curated in Hollywood. Apparently the movement has inspired many people to love their natural skin, including in the fashion industry.

24-year old Malaysian designer Moto Guo had a surprise to all fashionsistas at the recent Milan Men's Fashion Week. Instead of dressing up his models with trendsetting makeup, he sent them down the catwalk au naturel. Models with pimples and freckles were walking confidently, showing their flaws as compliment to Moto Guos Picnic in the Society collection.

Au Naturel Model  2016

Image viai-d.vice

Clearly the designer had something different in mind by subverting tropes of masculinity by clothing the male models in traditionally feminine shapes, calling the clothes vivid, quaint and imperfect, as written on i-D.

Perhaps for the models it was more light to walk without pounds of foundation, for whats more beautiful than our natural selves? Almost more surprising than the model's skin were pundit's reactions to it.

Au Naturel Model  2016


Netizens on Twitter had various comments about it. Some baulked that it was just a stunt, others immediately began asking what it all meant. But to everyones agreement, Moto Guos fashion show was indeed a controversial move.

Most of the public responses speaks volumes about our complex relationship to skin. They question how far we have to go before we truly break through one of beauty's most stringent ideals. In fact, acne is the most prevalent skin condition in the world, with freckles, inflamed skin, big pores and the under-eye bags topping off the list of imperfections people are trying to hide. So should we embrace this no makeup look, get used to it and make it the new trend instead?



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